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Human Resources at DSM: For people who like people

We are an expanding, diversifying company. We work in ever more diverse markets and locations, and we will thrive with the right people, culture and processes. Can you help?
Human Resources

As a company and as individuals we set ambitious goals that push us forward. We are committed to bringing ideas into reality to enhance performance. We are accountable for producing results that fulfill our promises to ourselves as well as our customers, partners, shareholders and the global community. We are trusted to deliver. HR is responsible for developing and maintaining these qualities. As such, it is a key partner to the DSM businesses, helping them to realize their ambitions.

Performance management

HR plays an especially important role at DSM because performance management is now so ingrained in the business. In fact, one of our biggest personal development projects every year is a performance management review that covers communicating and implementing competence models, organizing performance reviews, improving line management’s performance review skills, and more.

Change (and communicating it)

Of course it’s a given that any HR professional is a great communicator, but we’ll say it again. In an organization like ours, the ability to share and learn from each other across different functions, countries and business clusters often determines success. This means that the ability to facilitate communication and support a knowledge culture is a huge advantage. Does this sound like you?

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