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Marketing and sales at DSM: Help us spread the word

Are you a sales and marketing professional? Do you want to work for a company that you can truly be proud of – and where taking the unusual route is the norm? If so, we might have the career for you…

There’s very little point in having world-class science and engineering unless you know how to sell it. We’re finding that marketing and sales is increasingly at the heart of everything we do as we move from an era of product-focus to one of customer-centricity and market focus.

When you work in marketing and sales, you don’t need to be perfect at what you do (after all, there’s always room for improvement). But you must be keen to learn. Technology in particular is playing a bigger role in our business, from Customer Relationship Management to Twitter. This means that marketing and sales now touches every corner of our company – from R&D to the supply chain to human resources – so communication and relationship building is key.