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Production and maintenance at DSM: On the factory floor

If you work in production and maintenance, then you already know the critical role these areas play in getting products into the hands of customers. If you don’t…perhaps you should read on. And if you like what you see, then we might have the career for you…
Production & Maintenance

Production and maintenance cover a wide range of opportunities at our sites around the world. Roles include everything from ensuring that we deliver quality products on time and in the right quantities, to the regular maintenance that keeps our plants operating at maximum efficiency while meeting our environmental, health and safety goals.

The qualifications and experience we require will depend on the role in question, but once you’re at DSM it’s up to you where you go from there. We want people who take an active interest in their work, rather those who just ‘turn up.’ Driven individuals who suggest improvements. Point out problems. Take responsibility. People who look out for their colleagues and ensure that DSM is an efficient, safe and healthy place to work.

We believe in providing people with genuine careers paths, and we’re proud of having given so many people the opportunity to grow. Don’t you deserve this opportunity too?