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R&D at DSM: The appliance of science

Research and development is where it all starts. We use our unique Bright Science - developed over the past 110 years - to create new solutions that enable brighter living for mankind. We do it by focusing our unique combination of scientific competences on the defining challenges facing our world in the field of Climate & Energy on the one hand, and Health & Wellness on the other.
Research & Development

These days, R&D at DSM is less about people in labs wearing coats, and more about people reaching out. We reach out within DSM and beyond our walls, to work with everyone from university alumni contacts, social networks and our end markets, all in the effort to find the next breakthrough (or make the current one better) and to match our customer needs.

And breakthroughs don’t get any bigger than those on our list: Regenerative medicine, hybrid and electric cars, bio-fuels, bio-foods, bio-pharmaceuticals…there’s a lot to get done.  

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