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Working at DSM

An exciting proposition

‘People are our greatest asset’ is a common phrase in the world of business. But here at DSM, our people are far more than just assets. They represent the value we bring to customers and society - which is why we created our very own Employee Value Proposition. It’s a great, transparent way of demonstrating what we expect from you - and what you can expect from us.

How it works

The working relationship between DSM and our people is based on six fundamental pillars:

Like everything else in life it’s a journey and a work-in-progress – but together we’ll get there.

Staying safe & well

It all starts with looking after each other and ensuring that every single DSM person feels safe and included at work - and returns home safely each day.

  • We bring an open, diverse and inclusive environment where the health, safety and wellbeing of our people is the number one priority.
  • In return, you look after yourself and others, and come to work with an open mind to diverse viewpoints - and with an inclusive attitude.

Bold progress

Our company never stops looking - and moving - forward; and neither should our people.

  • We bring a long-term ambition to succeed based on an agile, transformative approach where open, honest feedback empowers our people to succeed - and where this is recognized by the company.
  • In return, you challenge the status quo; are not afraid to share your opinions; and have the courage of your convictions in delivering new ideas.

Customers first

Our purpose is to create brighter lives for all – but we cannot do it without customers. Which is why we’re on a journey to continue improving our customer-centricity.

  • Our goal is a strong customer focus aimed at delivering value to them faster and more effectively; but also to our wider society.
  • In return you bring a dedication to working with customers to solve society’s challenges both today and tomorrow – supported by sound consumer and market awareness.

Stunning science

DSM is a science-based company. So you won’t be too surprised to hear that bright science (and scientists) are key to our success.

  • We bring a rich heritage of scientific innovation and successful commercial solutions - steeped in the pursuit for sustainability: in our products, processes, culture and employment strategy.
  • In return you bring a burning desire to make our world more sustainable, using your skills and expertise to help bring innovative scientific solutions to market.

We grow together

We’re all in this together, which is why we’re striving to ensure that everyone at DSM grows and develops together.

  • We aim to create closely bonded teams that work together closely and harmoniously to create smart solutions – supported every step of the way in their development by DSM.
  • In return, you bring a real passion for our purpose and a strong desire to deliver it long-term by learning, growing and forging relationships – all with a strong emphasis on ‘team’.

Playing your part

Sometimes it’s about stepping up rather than standing out. We need people who relish responsibility and are up for the challenge.

  • We bring a commitment to empowering our people, and creating a culture of responsibility and leadership based on a collective responsibility to tackle our society’s greatest problems.
  • In return, you bring a willingness to step up and take responsibility for your actions in helping to solve these challenges - both as an individual and team member.

Sound good?

If this sounds like the kind of company you’d like to work for, then please get in touch.

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