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2017 SPE Automotive Innovation Award

2017 SPE Automotive Innovation Award

In November 2017 DSM’s modified PA46, Stanyl® HGR2, helped the Ford Motor Company win a 2017 SPE Automotive Innovation Award. This low-friction, high wear-resistance material is used in chain tensioner arms in the Ford F-150 and Mustang, which won the materials category. It will soon be implemented across various Ford vehicles globally.

This usage of a modified PA46 resin was piloted on selected vehicles powered by a 5.0L V8 engine as a drop-in replacement for PA66, providing enhanced wear and friction performance. DSM closely collaborated with Ford’s Advanced Materials & Processes team early in the development stage to provide a more efficient solution utilizing the new PA46 material, before rolling the project out on a global scale.

This innovation is highly translatable, providing affordable fuel economy improvement, and will be utilized on more vehicles beginning in 2018.

Technology partnership with Toyota Motorsport GmbH

Technology partnership with Toyota Motorsport GmbH

In November 2017 DSM and Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) announced a technology partnership whereby DSM will be TMG’s preferred material and product provider and TMG will develop and pilot new engineering solutions using DSM's high-performance materials for potential application in the automotive industry. TMG will also test and evaluate DSM products and act as a test user for defined projects.

DSM thermoplastics like Stanyl®, ForTii® and Akulon® already have an important place in automotive, especially under the hood”, says Golnar Motahari Pour, President of DSM Dyneema, “but we are also moving quickly into thermoset composites. Last year, for example, we introduced Dyneema® Carbon, which we believe represents a leap in the evolution of carbon. Dyneema significantly improves the performance of pure carbon composites and makes further lightweighting and durability possible.”

Hugo da Silva, VP of DSM’s Additive manufacturing business and 3D Printing, is equally enthusiastic. “Our materials already have a strong reputation in the 3D Printing community, and as we grow our portfolio to support the 3D Printing revolution, we are convinced we can do much more,” he says. “We have already worked with Toyota Motorsport on optimizing our new Somos® Taurus for real-world motorsport applications, and this agreement will enable us to collaborate even more closely.”

Replace metal end caps with high-heat-resistant plastics in charge air cooler (CAC)

Improved engine performance, better fuel efficiency and reduced system costs

OEMs and system suppliers constantly seek to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency. Recently DSM partnered with the leading automotive system supplier, Mahle GmbH, to replace metal end caps with high-heat-resistant plastics in the charge air cooler (CAC) for Volkswagen’s Crafter light commercial vehicle.

The VW Crafter project required a water-cooled charge air cooler mounted directly on the engine, resulting in shorter cold charge air ducts, leading to improved engine performance. Stanyl® Diablo OCD2300 offers an excellent combination of high mechanical performance, long-term heat aging at extremely high temperatures and good chemical resistance which made it “the” choice for this application

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