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Products, Brands & Services

Here are just some of the products, brands and services we offer this market.


Arnitel® TPC is a breakthrough breathable membrane technology for roofing film.


Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, is used in industrial lifting and pulling as well as protective gloves.


EcoPaXX® is 70% bio-based thermoplastic that is completely carbon neutral from cradle-to-gate, and built using castor oil.


NeoPac™ PU480 is a waterborne aliphatic urethane-alkyd hybrid resin for tough, durable, fast dry, high gloss topcoats on ACE equipment.


NeoCryl® XK-30 is an acrylic copolymer dispersion designed for sealing fresh and aged concrete, preventing salts emitting to the surface.


A specific range of Uralac® superdurable resins for architectural powder coatings has been developed for excellent weathering resistance.

Uralac® Ultra

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