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Recycled door coated with plant-based resin

Recycled door coated with plant-based resin

Weekamp Deuren’s goal is to work with 100% green or sustainable wood and was interested in finding a coating solution that would support a more sustainable finish.

Resulting from a collaboration between PPG Wood Finishes, Weekamp and DSM, in March Weekamp revealed a new 100% recycled exterior door concept which features an acrylic plant-based coating to protect it from the elements. Currently waterborne paint is mainly used to protect exterior doors and these are already a big improvement compared to the solvent-based coatings previously used. However, the binders of these waterborne paints still contain fossil-based raw materials. DSM's Decovery® is a new technology that replaces the fossil-based binder components of a coating for a large part with renewable materials while maintaining the quality and performance.

Designing with ‘no end’ in mind

Recyclable and healthier alternatives

Discarded particleboard, MDF and other panel materials add considerably to the waste generated by the interior and construction industries. The irreversible combination of materials and ingredients used in most products made with MDF and particleboard is the biggest challenge to technically and economically feasible recycling.

DSM’s joint venture, DSM-Niaga, and ECOR have begun a research collaboration that will focus on developing fully recyclable and healthier alternatives. ECOR technology can make materials from natural fibers with water, pressure and heat alone. DSM-Niaga manufactures products by using a reversible adhesive. This adhesive enables easy decoupling of different material layers, for full recovery and high value recycling. Combined, both technologies offer an alternative to all products made from MDF and particleboard, without compromising on material safety, quality, and recyclability.

Water management market

Piping hot

The water management market is looking for high-performance polymers able to withstand the stringent requirements of hot-water contact while still meeting all major drinking water approval schemes. Lead contamination in drinking water is a major concern, which has lead to more stringent regulation and the industry to look for alternatives to traditional metals.

In 2016 DSM introduced EcoPaXX® Q-DWX10, a 50% glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide 410 for use in faucet mixing valves. This material enables the design of valves with a lower risk of part failure and water leakage. Lead-free, EcoPaXX base polymer is not only certified carbon-neutral from cradle to gate, but also offers superior toughness, better hydrolysis resistance, improved chemical resistance and dimensional stability. Compared to polyphthalamide (PPA) resins with a similar function, EcoPaXX compounds offer a 30% lower carbon footprint.

And this was just the start. We are now successfully translating our knowledge and experience of high-heat and water-contact applications, such as cooling-systems in cars, into the drinking water contact market where temperatures are obviously lower, but required lifetimes are typically much longer.

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