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Biofuels portfolio

Biofuels portfolio

DSM offers the biofuels industry a broad range of yeast and enzyme solutions that enhance starch, fiber and biomass conversions. For starch conversion our yeast is tailored to provide a consistent increased ethanol yield while significantly reducing glycerol production. For fiber conversion our enzyme formulation maximizes hydrolysis with an enhanced liquefaction capability and our yeast can convert all available sugars at a high rate including glucose, xylose and arabinose. For biomass conversion we offer both high performing yeast and enzymes solutions for multiple feedstocks and our POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels joint venture operates a commercial-scale production facility for cellulosic bio-ethanol in Emmetsburg (Iowa, USA) known as Project Liberty.

Project Liberty processes corn-crop residues through a bioconversion process (using enzymatic hydrolysis, followed by fermentation). The facility is the first and to date, only, commercial-scale producer of so-called ‘2G’ (second generation) cellulosic ethanol in the USA. At full capacity the facility will process 770 tons of corn cobs, leaves and husks daily, producing 20 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol per year, later ramping up to 25 million gallons per year.

An on-site enzyme manufacturing facility is also under construction at Project Liberty to improve the environmental impact of the production process significantly; no more stabilizers or other chemicals will be required for enzyme transportation.

DSM's Solar Technologies Demonstration Center, Pune, India

Improving solar performance to lower cost

DSM offers the industry-leading Anti Reflective (AR) coating technology for solar cover glass on the market. By reducing the amount of sunlight reflected back off the panels, the AR coating captures more of the sun’s energy.


More recently DSM has added to its solar portfolio with the acquisition of the technology and other assets of Suzhou SunShine New Materials Technology - the manufacturer of a novel, high-performance solar photovoltaic (PV) backsheet, based on co-extrusion technology. This technology eliminates the use of adhesives so DSM's backsheet becomes 100% recyclable. In addition, the non-fluorinated material balances the needs of the rapidly developing PV industry with the need to ensure end-of-life recyclability and other environmental benefits.

Anti-Soiling Coating

DSM further announced it has developed an Anti-Soiling (AS) coating for Photovoltaic (PV) solar glass, specifically designed for PV modules in dry, desert-like climates. It delivers a performance win-win by maintaining the highest module output for longer while simultaneously boosting electricity by reducing soiling losses from dust and dirt – traditionally a major challenge in arid conditions.

Offshore windfarm

Lifting slings in offshore wind turbine installation

In the offshore wind farm construction sector, safety is key and regulations are strict. Typically, wind farm installation has been conducted using generic rope materials. However, demand has been growing for stronger and lighter materials to do the heavy lifting as sizes increase, yet suitable to avoid damages to delicate components (such as monopiles, nacelles, substations and blades).

Slings made from Dyneema® are 7 times lighter than steel equivalents and float on water, yielding considerable operational efficiencies in offshore wind farm construction. Because of the significant time and energy savings, this solution enables the offshore wind energy industry to become more competitive in the electricity market.

Mooring ropes for floating offshore wind turbines

Dyneema Max Technology is the solution for mooring floating offshore platforms with multi mega-watt wind turbines. It is specifically designed for use in permanently loaded applications in which creep is a consideration. Typically, these include offshore deep water mooring lines, standing rigging, guys and stays, and some webbings.

With mooring lines made with Dyneema Max Technology offshore wind platforms will be better connected to the sea bed at a lower overall cost and thereby lower the overall cost of offshore wind energy.