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Expanded global ballistic materials R&D

Expanded global ballistic materials R&D

In recent years developments such as Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology and Dyneema Anti Stab Technology have been game-changing innovations for soft ballistics and hard ballistics.

In May 2017 DSM announced that it was expanding its ballistic materials R&D capabilities specific to helmets, an area where innovation is urgently needed to keep soldiers and law enforcement personnel protected from ever-evolving threats, while lightening their load and enabling them to perform their duties effectively.

With advanced armor solutions made with Dyneema material trusted to protect modern law enforcement and military organizations around the world, the goal is to reinforce DSM’s strong position in materials development for helmets in the same way we have raised the standard for protection in the personal, vehicle, boat and aircraft sectors. The enhanced R&D capabilities will enable DSM’s partners to realize the potential of best-in-class new materials more quickly, some currently available and some breakthroughs in late-stage development and soon to be introduced.

Dyneema Crystal Technology in radomes

Dyneema Crystal Technology

Dyneema Crystal Technology, another recent addition to DSM’s Dyneema Technology Platforms, is now being found in an increasing variety of radomes, the structural, weatherproof electronic antenna enclosures that safeguard highly sensitive radar systems and satellite communications antennas.

The Dyneema Crystal Technology is exceptionally hydrophobic and 50% stronger than standard skins so it provides increased structural integrity and keeps out the elements, and as it is nearly transparent to microwaves it is enabling military, civil and telecom organizations to realize the full potential of their advanced antenna, radar, radio astronomy or communications systems.

Since its first use in L-3 ESSCO’s Durashed Radome™, a Metal Space Frame (MSF) structure, Dyneema Crystal Technology has gone on to be used in the Pro Patria PGSR-3iFT Beagle, a tower-mounted portable ground surveillance radar and the Elvira®, a portable drone detection system.

More recently Phasor, Inc. announced they are developing a next generation radome featuring Dyneema Crystal Technology for phased array, electronically steerable antennas (ESAs) for aeronautical, maritime and land-mobile applications.

Dyneema® Black

Dyneema Black

Until recently Dyneema fiber was only available in its natural white color and needed post-treatment coloration, but as UHMWPE fibers are almost inert chemically any surface color tended to wear in time.

The solution? Dyneema Black is permanently colored throughout its cross-section. The coloring process has no effect on any of the key mechanical properties of the fiber, nor on its smooth surface. Very high breaking strength and stiffness, low density, low elongation, excellent durability, chemical, moisture and UV resistance are all retained, as is the fiber’s quality consistency.

DSM anticipates that there are specific military applications where, although the mechanical and physical properties of natural colored Dyneema provide a perfect fit, other considerations limit its use.

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