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Our bright science is helping to improve peoples’ lives and preserve the planet every day.
Portfolio of UV filters

Portfolio of UV filters

Crafted by our bright science, the PARSOL® portfolio for sun and day care products delivers the power of UV protection and globally recognized expertise on which our customers can build their brands.

In July 2017 DSM and Nanjing Cosmos Chemical Co., Ltd established an exclusive strategic partnership which combines DSM’s expertise in sun and skin care science and excellent customer reach with Cosmos’ manufacturing capabilities to deliver the most innovative filters available in the market today, PARSOL Max and PARSOL Shield.

The addition of PARSOL Max and PARSOL Shield makes DSM’s portfolio of UV filters the broadest in the industry and ensures a competitive supply chain for these products as well as expansion capabilities sufficient to meet growing market demands.

Skin Bioactives

Skin Bioactives

Say the words aging skin and most people think of wrinkles. Yet DSM’s consumer research has revealed that people can be just as concerned about conspicuously enlarged pores and areas of darker pigmentation known as age spots, which are exacerbated by sunlight.

Unveiled in April 2017, DSM’s skin active, BEAUACTIVE®, addresses both these concerns and has the added advantage of strong green credentials. This highly pure, potent hydroxystearic acid is produced by bioconversion of sunflower-derived oleic acid using DSM’s proprietary technology. Importantly, BEAUACTIVE is approved for sale in China, where enlarged pores and pigmentation are prime skin-aging concerns.

Watch: 2+5=7: The TILAMAR® conditioning polymer family is growing!

The TILAMAR® conditioning polymer family grows

Our 50-plus years of expertise in polymer technologies designs tailored, high quality TILAMAR® products that deliver outstanding hair care and styling benefits. Continuing in this vein, at in-cosmetics DSM announced that with the launch of three new conditioning polymer members in its TILAMAR range, it is further expanding into the global synthetic polyquaternium market.