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Our bright science is helping to improve peoples’ lives and preserve the planet every day.
The skin microbiome – a new hot topic

Creating the right environment for healthy skin

Like the digestive system, the skin has its own individual community of microbiota which changes throughout a person’s lifetime according to their age, diet, environment and lifestyle. In the past, bacteria have, more often than not, been perceived as something that need to be removed from the skin, but are skin care products that strip away bacteria doing more harm than good? Creating a healthy environment for all bacteria on the skin is increasingly thought to be key to achieving a balanced, resilient complexion and natural glow, and to slowing down the signs of skin aging.

There is still much to discover about the symbiotic interaction between skin and the microbiome. For example, what effect do different levels of bacteria have on skin barrier function or skin vitality? And which products can rebalance these bacteria and improve such conditions? DSM already boasts leading scientific expertise in the gut microbiome and so our scientists are well placed to embark on original research into the skin microbiome, in conjunction with experts and research institutes around the world.

DSM embraces stress-free beauty

NO-STRESS solutions

All over the world people are increasingly concerned about the effects of stress on their health and appearance. Consumers are looking for ways to streamline their beauty care, leaving them more time to relax and re-energize.

In response to consumers looking to ease their stress, whether at home or on the go, DSM’s NO-STRESS solutions are a range of Skin, Hair and Sun Care ingredients and formulations developed to combat the visible signs of stress and/or simplify personal care regimes. As well as effective skin care solutions it includes novel hair formulations to ease people’s stress in their daily routine and on-trend sun care formulations designed to appeal to fast-living Millennials.

Portfolio of UV filters

Portfolio of UV filters

Crafted by our bright science, the PARSOL® portfolio for sun and day care products delivers the power of UV protection and globally recognized expertise on which our customers can build their brands.

In July 2017 DSM and Nanjing Cosmos Chemical Co., Ltd established an exclusive strategic partnership which combines DSM’s expertise in sun and skin care science and excellent customer reach with Cosmos’ manufacturing capabilities to deliver the most innovative filters available in the market today, PARSOL Max and PARSOL Shield.

The addition of PARSOL Max and PARSOL Shield makes DSM’s portfolio of UV filters the broadest in the industry and ensures a competitive supply chain for these products as well as expansion capabilities sufficient to meet growing market demands.

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