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Products, Brands & Services

Here are just some of the products, brands and services we offer this market.


Akulon® is a PA6 plastic that replaces metal in industries ranging from automotive to electrical.


Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, is a tough polyethylene used in everything from sails, ropes and rigging to fishing line.


EcoPaXX® is a 70% bio-based thermoplastic that is completely carbon neutral from cradle-to-gate, and built using castor oil.


NeoCryl® BT-9 is a flexible alkaline soluble resin suitable for consumer hobby adhesives.


NeoRez® R-1010 is a soft feel special effect polyurethane dispersion for interior tactile coatings.


Prototypes made from DSM's Somos® stereolithography resins are delivered with speed and accuracy.


Stanyl® is a high-performance PA46 used when superior heat resistance, design stiffness, wear & friction and process flow qualities are required.


Uralac® HiTone polyester resins offer superior flow properties at standard and high filling levels, enabling thin layer applications.