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DSM NeoResins+ showcases most comprehensive product portfolio yet at Chinacoat 2008

Waalwijk, NL, 26 Nov 2008 12:00 CET

Latest range of products available for China market with strong focus on environmentally friendly waterborne resins among main highlights from global leader in specialty resins for paint, Inks and coatings applications.

At ChinaCoat 2008, DSM NeoResins+, presented its most extensive range of products and waterborne, solvent borne and UV resin technologies to date for the China market during Chinacoat 2008, Guangzhou, November 26th-28th. The company featured products from its complete range of leading brand names including Haloflex®, Halwedrol®, NeoCryl®, NeoRez®, NeoPac®, NeoRad®, Uracron®, Uradil® ,Uralac®, Alcreset® and Novasynt® which have helped establish DSM NeoResins+ as a global leader in coating resins.

A major focus on sustainable technologies was reflected in the company’s activities during the show. In addition to launching the new ‘DSM Resins Sustainability Asia Award’ at a special event held in Guangzhou, DSM NeoResins+ introduced a number of new products to the Chinese market from the company’s waterborne resins platform, including:

  • NeoRad U-30W is a UV curable resin for use in primers & stains for industrial parquet and industrial wood;
  • NeoRez R-2005 is a waterborne urethane for use in combination with waterborne acrylics for high-performance topcoats. It is NMP and APEO free;
  • NeoCryl A-1125 is a self crosslinking waterborne acrylic resin solution with excellent printability, adhesion and chemical resistance properties. The product is targeted as a blending resin to improve the printability performance of high performance inks for printing flexo and gravure on flexible packaging substrates (PE, BOPP, PET etc). The product is advised to be combined with NeoCryl A-1127 and A-1120.

Other products presented at the show for a variety of end-user applications and now available in China included:

Flooring and Joinery

  • NeoPac E-107 is an aromatic urethane/acrylic hybrid for on-site parquet flooring lacquers;
  • NeoCryl XK-30 is a waterborne acrylic emulsion for use in primers for tanning insulation. It is an based on new technology and is based on an acid soluble polymer;
  • Uradil OX87 is an aliphatic modified waterborne urethane-alkyd used for wood primers and top coats. It is extremely fast drying and has good sandability;
  • NeoCryl XK-52 is an additive waterborne acrylic resin to improve blocking resistance, sandability and hardness of furniture coatings;
  • NeoCryl XK-151 is an economical waterborne acrylic for general purpose furniture coatings.

Protective & Industrial Metal

  • Uracron CY140 E-75 is a high solids solvent borne acrylic for use in VOC-compliant coatings for Car Refinish;
  • Uracron CY150 E-75 is a high solids solventborne acrylic for use in VOC-compliant coatings for Car Refinish;
  • NeoCryl XK-82 is a waterborne acrylic resins for anti-corrosive primer;
  • NeoCryl A-639 is a waterborne acrylic resins for anti-corrosive primers and topcoats.

Industrial Wood & Plastics

  • NeoCryl A-639 is an economical waterborne acrylic styrene designated for universal, general purpose coatings;
  • NeoRad R-447 is a label free, high performance waterborne UV-curing resin for kitchen cabinets and bathroom furniture.

Adhesives and Graphic Arts

  • NeoRad R-1500 is a special effect overprint varnish. A UV curable soft feel polymer, giving a good performance without the use of additional cross linkers;
  • NeoRad P-90 is a low cost high performance polyester acrylate setoff for epoxy acrylate, introducing increased flexibility properties;
  • NeoRad E-30 is an epoxy acrylate based on 60% renewable sources with enhanced pigment grinding properties for flexo and screen inks;
  • NeoRez U-430 is an elastomeric aliphatic Hydroxyl functional solvent borne urethane for high performance gravure laminating inks. The product provides excellent bond strengths in the more complex PET and PA based laminates. The product is suitable for formulating inks that can pass sterilization and pasteurization treatments. NeoRez U-430 is supplied in ethyl acetate as a mono-solvent system providing the potential to formulate mono-solvent inks. Through the presence of the hydroxyl functionality the product can also be cross-linked with multi functional isocyanides resulting in even more chemically and physically resistant ink films;
  • NeoRez U-471 is an elastomeric aliphatic solvent borne urethane for high performance flexo and gravure laminating inks. The product is suitable for a wide variety of substrate combinations and provides excellent bondstrengths in most laminates. The product is suitable for pigment grinding resulting in inks that can resist sterilization and pasteurization treatments;
  • NeoCryl A1101 is an OH functional acrylic suitable for water based gravure ink application, giving excellent adhesion onto metalised substrate and coated paper commonly used in cigarette packaging, excellent alcohol tolerance allows good drying behaviors and wetting property on conventional gravure press;
  • NeoCryl BT-63 is an acrylic emulsion resin designed to replace PVP in formulated glue sticks for hobby and craft applications. The material can be formulated with acids blends to yield adhesive sticks with good smear, range of hardness, and broad substrate adhesion including craft paper, cardboard and fabric.

Film coating products

  • NeoCryl A-2098 is a high solid, low odor heat-sealable acrylic coating resins for application onto BOPP film used in food packaging applications;
  • NeoCryl FL-735 is used in anti-static coating for film applications.

Following the recent completion of its new €20 million plant in Shunde, Guangdong province, which came on-stream in June 2008, DSM NeoResins+ has transferred the production of a series of waterborne Acrylic and Acrylic-styrene resins from Europe to China to serve the local Chinese and Asian market.

This includes NeoCryl A-639, NeoCryl A-667, NeoCryl A-1091, NeoCryl A-1092, NeoCryl BT-9, NeoCryl BT-20, NeoCryl BT-36, NeoCryl XK-52, NeoCryl XK-82 and NeoCryl XK-151. All of these products are now available in China.