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DSM launches a new powder coating resin for low temperature curing at European Coating Show 2009, in Nurnberg, Germany

Zwolle, NL, 27 Mar 2009 01:00 CET

DSM Powder Coating Resins launches a new powder coating resin for low temperature curing under the name Uralac® EasyCure™. Uralac EasyCure is the answer to an urgent market demand for lower temperature curing with Primid® crosslinkers. This innovative resin leads the next generation of low temperature curing resins for outdoor powder coating applications in combining a number of exceptional properties, which are: excellent flow, non-blooming, durability, lower curing time and lower energy and formulation cost.

Uralac EasyCure has been developed to solve two major drawbacks typically associated with currently available low temperature curing powder coating resins being poor appearance and blooming. Curing at a low temperature with Uralac EasyCure solves the problem of surface appearance by providing an excellent flow and non-blooming even on darker colors. Additionally, the new product yields curing and formulation cost savings. Uralac EasyCure offers an all-in-one solution for curing: low temperature, fast curing, excellent flow and non-blooming!

DSM Powder Coating Resins is to officially launch Uralac EasyCure on March 31st at the upcoming European Coating Show in Nurnberg, Germany.

Patrick Niels, Business Unit Director DSM Powder Coating Resins comments: “ We specifically developed Uralac EasyCure to respond to the growing market demand for low temperature coating systems. Uralac EasyCure stands for excellent product properties that cannot be achieved with the existing low temperature curing powder coating resin systems for outdoor applications. This new product will further strengthen our position as a global, innovative leader and a sustainable supplier to the powder coating industry.”

DSM Powder Coating Resins is an innovative, global leader, committed to the design and manufacture of superior powder coating resins for the global powder coatings industry. DSM’s Powder Coating Resins products enhance the effectiveness of powder coating technology thanks to a winning combination of features: ecologically sound, cost effective, energy efficient, high performance products.