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DSM Powder Coating Resins announce price increase for EMEA

Zwolle, NL, 11 Sep 2009 02:00 CEST

DSM Powder Coating Resins announces today that prices for its Uralac® range of polyester powder coating resins will increase by 6% to 8% depending on the product for deliveries as of 1st of October 2009.

These price increases are necessary due to the cost of feedstock which has been steadily rising since the end of Q1 2009.

Bert Bakker, DSM Powder Coating Resins Business Manager (EMEA), said: “These new prices reflect the increase in the cost of raw materials. As we continue to fund investments in innovations, new products and new technology development for our customers, these adjusted price levels will allow DSM to maintain its supply of high quality products and services and retain its position as a sustainable partner within the performance materials industry."