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DSM NeoResins waterborne wood furniture coatings

Shanghai, CN, 26 May 2010 11:00 CEST

With the theme “Promoting Environmental Protection, Refusing Harmful VOCs for a Healthier Life”, the four-day seminar has attracted more than 300 participants, including government officials, leaders of related associations, coating companies, coating raw material suppliers and wood furniture manufacturers.

As a special sponsor, DSM NeoResins+ has sent representatives to discuss trends in waterborne wood furniture coatings, as well as technologies in antique furniture coatings. The company also supported an evening party, “DSM Night”, which provided a friendly opportunity for discussion for all the participants.

Peter Pui, General Manager DSM NeoResins+ GCH and Chairman of Waterborne China Platform (WBCP), said in a speech at the opening ceremony: “More and more companies are beginning to pay attention to waterborne coatings, which are more environmentally friendly, healthier and cost-effective. Using waterborne wood furniture coatings is certainly becoming a trend in this industry.”

He added: “Waterborne China Platform (WBCP) continues to seek direct communications with both China’s government officials and end-users, providing them with accurate information about waterborne coatings, so as to help the government carry out supportive policies, fostering demand from end-users, and finally creating a better market for waterborne products.”

Other DSM representatives made reports on the seminar and engaged in close dialogue with upper, middle and downstream companies. Yang Naihong, Industry Manager at DSM NeoResins+ introduced important technologies in antique furniture coatings. DSM NeoResins+ has made a concentrated effort to develop a set of coatings for antique furniture made from waterborne resins. These coatings are very similar to commonly used nitrocellulose, both in product appearance and painting operations.

Yang noted: “Antique furniture is not only popular in foreign countries, but also in China, particularly among elite consumers who care very much for environmental protection. Therefore technology developments in waterborne antique furniture coatings have great possibilities.”

As a global customer-oriented leader in specialty resins, DSM NeoResins+ has rich experience in development and production of waterborne technologies. In 2008, the company invested € 20 million to build a plant in Shunde, Guangdong Province, and brought a series of waterborne production lines from Europe to China, to cater to the needs in China and Asia.

DSM NeoResins+ has launched a series of new products through both waterborne resin and solvent resin platforms, including new types of waterborne coating systems for top-grade antique reproduction furniture made of wood and waterborne coating systems for glass and plastic. Waterborne China Platfrom (WBCP) was established in July 2009 with its office in Shanghai as a non-profit organization initiated by coating raw material suppliers and paint manufacturers including DSM NeoResins+. The mission of WBCP is to accelerate the transition from solvent-borne to waterborne products by joint industry efforts.