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DSM Engineering Plastics demonstrates sustainability leadership with Cradle-to-Cradle certification of five performance materials

Sittard, NL, 23 Jul 2010 13:00 CEST

DSM Engineering Plastics today announces that five of its performance materials have been awarded Cradle to Cradle®certification by the internationally renowned sustainable design firm, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC).

The Cradle to Cradle concept, developed by Mr. William McDonough and Prof Michael Braungart, aims to eliminate waste entirely by circulating safe and healthful materials within closed loop systems of continuous reuse.

The materials have been evaluated by EPEA Hamburg, the consultancy firm of Michael Braungart. This evaluation focuses on the product ingredients’ human and environmental health attributes and their potential to safely cycle in closed loops. These are:

  • Akulon K224-G6 a 30% glass filled polyamide 6 compound
  • Arnitel EM400 an unfilled thermoplastic copolyester polymer
  • Arnitel XG an unfilled halogen free flame retardant thermoplastic copolyester polymer
  • Arnite T-XG510 a halogen free flame retardant PBT compound
  • EcoPaXX UF an unfilled 70% bio-based polyamide 4.10 polymer

All five materials are used in a variety of industrial applications, including furniture, automotive and consumer electronics and were awarded Silver certification.

Mr. Braungart commented: “EPEA welcomes this certification of DSM products. This is a big opportunity for building cooperations with other important players in the Cradle to Cradle community.”

“DSM has been leading the way in terms of sustainability for many years and I am delighted that our efforts are now also recognized with this official endorsement,” said Fredric Petit, Director Sustainability, DSM Engineering Plastics. “For us at DSM, we recognize the growing importance in the market for recycling with the ultimate goal to achieve closed loop systems.”

“Sustainability is the leading paradigm in DSM’s innovation portfolio. Our involvement with the Cradle to Cradle movement is just another example of the importance we place on making sure the products we make, while possessing excellent functionality and performance characteristics, are also respectful of the human and natural environment,” said Theo Jongeling, Business Manager C2C Solutions, DSM Innovation Center. ’The certification of these five materials is a first milestone in serving downstream interests in C2C products.

DSM’s commitment to Cradle to Cradle is expected to develop further over time. The company intends to attain certification for more materials within its portfolio and work closely with other stakeholders in its value chains to pursue further Cradle to Cradle opportunities.