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Hybrane™ hyperbranched polymers from DSM are now available for open innovation with Polymer Factory

Waalwijk, NL, 10 Nov 2010 00:00 CET

DSM, the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company headquartered in the Netherlands, and Polymer Factory Sweden AB, a global provider of dendritic polymers, headquartered in Sweden, have signed a cooperation agreement for the production, commercialization and market development of DSM’s Hybrane™ hyperbranched polymers.

This agreement follows DSM’s latest market introduction of the new Hybrane hyperbranched polymers. Hybrane will be part of the wide range of dendritic materials Polymer Factory offers in an open innovation business model to its customers. Additionally, new types of Hybrane hyperbranched polymers developed by Polymer Factory will be produced on an industrial scale within DSM’s existing facilities.

The partnership allows for a wider range of solutions for the performance materials as well as the life science industries. Hybrane polyesteramides are resins which can be used both as a binder and as a specialty additive. Some of the benefits of Hybrane are its low viscosity and the fact that it can be modified in a very simple way. Because of its extreme versatility Hybrane allows to add multiple functionalities to resin mixtures in a straightforward manner, which leads to products with a lower environmental footprint.

DSM NeoResins’ Business Unit Director Steve Hartig comments: “Over the past 10 years DSM has been very active in developing the technology of Hybrane for the coating industry. In order to take this platform to the next level we are delighted with the partnership with Polymer Factory because it can lead to breakthroughs in Hybrane technology. This partnership fits in with DSM’s strategy for driving focused growth through open innovation with key external partners. Moreover our mutual customers will enjoy benefits of this collaboration by way of efficient solutions to their needs both in performance and production.”

This cooperation is a great opportunity because of three reasons”, says Polymer Factory’s CEO Mats Wallnér; “First, through this partnership, Polymer Factory continues its focus on being the provider of the world’s largest library of cutting-edge dendritic materials. Secondly, inclusion of the Hybrane family results in a more accessible family of high-performance polymers for our customers. Last, DSM focuses mostly on large volumes while Polymer Factory focuses on providing smaller quantities of highly specialized hyperbranched materials. Together we can serve all clients with different requirements, ranging from small scale academic groups to large multinational companies.”

About Polymer Factory

Polymer Factory is currently the leader in providing the world’s largest library of advanced dendritic materials, such as dendrimers, dendrons and hyperbranched polymers. The company products are in the frontier of materials science and are employed to support research and development projects in a broad array of applications, ranging from pharmaceuticals to semiconductor materials. Polymer Factory’s business strategy is to build value and revenue by providing advanced dendritic and polymeric materials using cutting edge know-how and to develop future ground-breaking materials in close collaboration with clients. The company is located in Sweden and was founded 2005. More information:

About DSM NeoResins+

DSM NeoResins+ is a leading, committed, global supplier of innovative specialty resins, specialized in the development and manufacturing of resins for the coatings and graphic arts industries.

DSM NeoResins’ brand names NeoCryl™, NeoRez™, NeoPac™, NeoRad™, Hybrane™, Uralac™, Uracron™, Urathix™ and Uradil™ are well-known throughout the industries world-wide. The company has manufacturing sites in USA, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and China. DSM NeoResins+ is headquartered in the Netherlands.