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The kids are all right with DSM Nutritional Products

Kaiseraugst, CH, 14 Apr 2011 13:00 CEST

DSM Nutritional Products introduces a new Health Benefit Solution aligned with the unique health concerns of children and teenagers. ‘Essentials for Kids and Teens’ contains a range of vitamins, minerals and functional ingredients to support healthy development throughout childhood and beyond. Initially developed in response to customer requests, the new platform meets a gap in the market for targeted and effective health and nutrition solutions for kids and teens.

‘Essentials for Kids and Teens’ is categorized according to the needs of three distinct age ranges: early childhood, school-aged children and teenagers. The platform includes a wide variety of key nutrients, including B vitamins, vital for the development of a healthy immune system in early childhood and to help combat stress associated with the teenage years. Functional ingredients such as long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids contribute to improved mental performance and concentration levels in school-aged children. Each ingredient comes with a recommended intake for the relevant age group, ensuring ease of formulation and peace of mind. Ingredients can be purchased individually or used as the starting point for a pre-prepared, customized Quali® -Blends premix, tailor made for each customer’s specific needs.

Anna-Maria Stiefel, global marketing manager for kids and teens nutrition at DSM Nutritional Products, comments: “From micronutrient deficiency to obesity, health issues affecting kids and teens are high on governmental and consumer agendas worldwide. This latest addition to our Health Benefit Solution portfolio recognizes the importance of nutrition in addressing these concerns, and is an example of DSM’s commitment to creating nutritional solutions that work.”

Essentials for kids and teens complements DSM Nutritional Products’ existing portfolio of 12 Health Benefit Solutions, including: Guard your Heart, Flex your Joints and Upgrade your Vision. A 14th platform, Essentials for Men, will also be launched soon.