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DSM Engineering Plastics extends its R&D capacity with the new DSM China Science and Technology Center in Shanghai

Sittard, NL, 17 Oct 2011 13:00 CEST

Royal DSM N.V., the Life Sciences and Materials Sciences Company, today opened its China Science and Technology Center as an example of the company’s long-term commitment to the growth in China. The opening marks a new stage in the development of DSM Engineering Plastics, and further enhances its R&D capacity in both Chinese and Asian markets with localized innovations and applications tailor-made for Chinese and Asian customers. DSM Engineering Plastics is proud to contribute to China’s development in innovation and sustainability, particularly in the industries of Automotive, Electrical and Electronics.

The DSM China Science and Technology Center, based in Shanghai, will be the DSM Engineering Plastics’s main innovation base in China and will form a vital part of DSM Engineering Plastics’s global science and technology innovation network, further strengthening its China R&D capability in addition to the existing Development Center at its manufacturing site in Jiangyin, Jiangsu province of China.

In addition to carrying out product and applications research and development work, the center will drive DSM Engineering Plastics’s development in China in several additional ways: by exploring and tracking market trends, by proactively responding to the needs of customers, and through interaction with the external know-how infrastructure, such as partners at universities, scientific research institutes, etc.

“This will be the biggest research center for DSM engineering plastics outside of the Netherlands.” said Dhobley Jayant, President DSM Engineering Plastics Asia Pacific, “And we are very excited to strengthen our R&D capability in China, a large and important market where increasing demands on local design, innovation and sustainability solutions are driving growth.”

The Materials Sciences area comprises an Automotive Development Center and a Performance Materials Research Center. Automotive Development Center is equipped to study the performance of DSM Engineering Plastics materials in automotive applications and environments related to the automotive industry; and in Performance Materials Research Center, the fundamental materials research will be executed in order to support the business groups in the Performance Materials cluster, such as engineering plastics like high temperature polyamides, polyesters, thermoplastic copolyesters, etc.

In line with DSM overall strategy, ‘DSM in Motion: Driving Focused Growth’, that combines innovation and high growth economies, and in view of China’s 12th Five-year-plan of focusing on eco-efficiency and sustainability, DSM Engineering Plastics is committed to driving its innovation cycle to ensure that key new product innovation and development meets the evolving needs of Chinese customers, whilst ensuring that products meet key sustainability objectives. The new Science & Technology center will have a strong focus on sustainable solutions of our materials and applications for our customers. Examples include research on halogen free flame retardant materials, research on low friction materials to reduce CO2 emissions of cars, and development of engineering plastics using renewable bio-based building blocks for waste elimination.

“With the new Science and Technology Center, we will create particular advantages for our products.

For example, the halogen free flame retardant Stanyl® - a high performance polyamide, through our extensive research and development, we not only meet the flammability requirements, but also achieved characteristics such as excellent flow and very good mechanical properties that are important to Electrical and Electronics industries. As always, DSM will lead the way in terms of sustainability because we recognize the growing importance in the Chinese and Asian markets for recycling with the ultimate goal to achieve closed loop systems. The new Science and Technology Center will further strengthen our new product developments based on the Cradle to Cradle concept.” said Jeroen Crevecoeur, Research & Technology Manager DSM Engineering Plastics Asia Pacific.

“With the new Science and Technology Center, we would further enhance our research and development efforts in material innovations, sustainability solutions for our customers in Chinese and Asian markets for future technology and product, and continue our commitment to ‘Bright Science. Brighter Living.™’” concluded by Dhobley Jayant, President DSM Engineering Plastics Asia Pacific.