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DSM unveils new enzymes for smarter cake formulation

Delft, NL, 01 Dec 2011 12:00 CET

DSM has extended its CakeZyme range with CakeZyme Majestic and CakeZyme Sublime – two new enzymes for quality enhancement and shelf life extension in cakes. Building on the success of CakeZyme Smart, the original cost-optimizing CakeZyme, these products will help bakers lengthen shelf life in a wide range of cakes, including sponge cakes, pound cakes, muffins and high ratio cakes.

CakeZyme1 Majestic and CakeZyme Sublime improve crumb softness during ambient storage. Their specific enzymatic action enables manufactures to double cakes’ shelf life while maintaining premium quality. In tests, extended shelf life cakes baked with CakeZyme displayed equivalent crumb quality to freshly baked cakes. This extended softness helps manufacturers simplify warehousing and logistics, while also increasing consumer satisfaction and reducing waste.

CakeZyme Majestic has optimal functionality in denser cakes and is also effective in muffins. It synergistically combines lipase and amylase technology to produce cakes that maintain oven-fresh qualities over an extended shelf life. CakeZyme Sublime is a specialty lipase that releases natural emulsifiers from fats and lipids in cake recipes. These emulsifiers prevent starch from firming during storage, ensuring cakes stale less rapidly. The solution offers optimal value and good functionality in various types of cake.

Rossana Rodriguez, global marketing manager, baking enzymes, DSM, comments: "For most bakers, enzymes do not immediately spring to mind as a cake ingredient. However, they offer significant potential for optimizing formulations. With 27 percent of the world’s food now wasted and food prices increasing sharply, CakeZyme can help bakers overcome a number of pressing manufacturing challenges. Safe, reliable and easy to use – enzymes could be the missing piece that many bakers have been searching for.”

CakeZyme Smart, the original CakeZyme, is designed to help bakers cut costs and boost quality. It acts on egg lecithin to improve egg’s natural emulsification properties, enabling optimized egg usage. This generates cost savings and delivers significant quality benefits, such as a finer, more uniform crumb structure and enhanced initial softness. Particularly suited to pound and sponge cakes, CakeZyme Smart also increases aeration during mixing, which results in better cake volume.

1 CakeZyme is a registered trademark of Royal DSM N.V.