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Baleno revolution: first full range of LED retrofit lamps using Stanyl® TC from DSM

Singapore, SG, 18 Apr 2012 12:00 CEST

DSM has launched a series of new halogen-free flame retardant Stanyl compounds for the electronics Baleno, an expert producer of LED lighting technology with strong focus on design differentiation, has selected Stanyl® TC from DSM for a complete range of proprietary LED retrofit lamps. This is the first full range of products which use the Stanyl TC technology.

The Baleno Revolution range consists of lamps for home and professional applications. They offer a strong lumen output and very long lifespan. By saving up to 80% of the energy consumption, they are a great alternative to traditional incandescent lamps. 

Retrofit lamps are an energy efficient replacement for all conventional light bulbs and halogen spotlights. LED lamps consume only 10-20 % of the energy of conventional lamps and thus they contribute to the reduction of global warming. The new Baleno lamps have the exact same base and therefore fit immediately in all existing fixtures and sockets.

The Baleno Revolution range is currently primarily marketed in the European lighting retail market. To successfully develop the range, Shanghai based Baleno worked closely with DSM’s lighting team in China, as DSM was able to leverage its extensive global knowledge of thermally conductive plastics.

In this type of application, thermal management is the main challenge, followed by mechanical / electrical performance. Stanyl TC was developed specifically to meet these needs. Globally available Stanyl TC is a thermally conductive polymer based on Stanyl PA46. Stanyl TC is a thermally conductive PA46 providing high thermal management whilst retaining the material’s very high mechanical strength. Stanyl TC makes it possible to produce unique designs which, compared to traditional plastics, deliver improved cooling of the lamp while securing electrical safety.

Bas Bergeman at Baleno says that Stanyl TC was chosen for a number of reasons: “The selected Stanyl TC grade is a certified high performance material which perfectly fits the application. It offers a good mix of thermal, electrical, and mechanical characteristics as well as excellent. Key considerations included design freedom, the ability to achieve significant weight reduction, high volume production – and longer lamp life. In addition, we were very happy that DSM provided extensive support to Baleno during the design of the lamp.”

According to Stijn Meijers, ISTL Lighting at DSM, Stanyl TC is a breakthrough material for the Lighting Industry: “As the first thermally conductive plastic to combine strong mechanical performance and high thermal management properties, Stanyl TC offers lighting producers and designers an opportunity to replace commonly used metals in LED retrofit lamps, whilst providing the necessary thermal dissipation.”

Mr. Meijers concludes: “By using Stanyl TC instead of metal, our customers’ benefits include weight saving, higher flexibility in manufacturing, and greater design freedom.”