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DSM champions enzymes toolkit for guar gum replacement in baking

Delft, NL, 24 May 2012 13:00 CEST

DSM is deploying its enzyme toolkit to develop innovative solutions for replacing guar gum in bakery. Using a combination of enzymes and ingredients, the effects of guar gum for thickening, binding and improving texture can be replicated, offering bakers savings of between 25 and 40%.

The fall in supplies of guar gum to the food industry has been caused by its extensive use in oilfield production, and the preference given to oilfield buyers. The price of available stocks of guar gum more than doubled between November 2011 and January 2012, and the situation is expected to remain unstable during 20121. DSM’s enzyme toolkit includes a range of products which in the correct combination can offer a direct substitute for guar gum in dough rheology and crumb characteristics at lower cost and with no impact on production process. It includes a range of specific enzymes which, in partnership with technical experts from DSM, can be used to develop the best combination of products for specific applications.

Rossana Rodriguez, global marketing manager, baking enzymes, DSM, comments: “For customers seeking to mitigate any shortage in guar gum supplies, our enzyme toolkit and approach allows us to provide customers with a cost effective, efficient work-around, meaning that production can continue and ultimately consumers will still get the products they love.”

1 Reuters