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Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) expands on several fronts with DSM materials

Sittard, NL, 05 Jul 2012 17:15 CEST

In its ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of stereolithography (SL) performance for additive manufacturing, DSM is working more closely with OEMs to develop materials that approach true thermoplastic performance. “Toyota is an important customer for DSM’s Somos® materials group. They are a good business partner and a company interested in fostering innovation, helping us understand the needs of the industry,and providing quick feedback on our next generation materials,” says Michelle Brand, Business Manager Somos materials, DSM Functional Materials.
Toyota uses DSM Somos(r) stereolithography materials for high precision engineering parts, direct manufacturing and aero evaluations

Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) is enjoying a successful, and busy, third year as an engineering services supplier as the glamour of a worldwide motorsport programme combines with an expanding client list.

The company, based in Cologne, Germany, offers design, development, testing and production services to the automotive sector and beyond. In particular, TMG draws on its racing heritage to specialize in high-performance and motorsport services.

Spells in World Rally, Le Mans and Formula 1 helped transform TMG into a cutting-edge development centre also capable of producing most items in-house. Those capabilities were opened to the market in 2010 at the end of Toyota’s F1 programme.

After two years of consistent growth for its third-party engineering services, TMG was called into action again as a works motorsport team, developing the TS030 HYBRID car which participates in the FIA World Endurance Championship, including the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours.

Unlike previous motorsport adventures, TMG dovetails this project with services supplied to the Toyota family and external, independent clients with wind tunnel services, engine testing and electric vehicle development being among the most popular.

Rapid manufacturing is also a key factor in TMG’s business with the motorsport mentality of performance, quality and speed delivering high levels of customer satisfaction.

TMG’s 10 stereolithography machines offer a large capacity to handle a multitude of requests while still delivering wind tunnel parts and even actual bodywork for the TS030 HYBRID which raced, and led, at Le Mans in June.

The parts produced from DSM’s latest Somos materials provide high precision, high modulus, and temperature resistant properties ideal for wind tunnel testing. TMG also runs the high-impact resistant material, Somos NeXt, that is rapidly gaining acceptance for both prototyping and direct manufacturing within the automotive industry.

From start to a winning finish, TMG and DSM are on a fast track to success.