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DSM introduces Zivion™ M, the first natural fungicide against Dry Bubble disease in mushrooms

Delft, NL, 01 Aug 2012 09:15 CEST

Mushroom growers in the US can look forward to maximizing their yields with a new effective solution to combat Dry Bubble disease. Applied directly to mushroom beds before and in-between harvests, the first ever natural fungicide Zivion™1M, helps prevent Dry Bubble disease caused by the fungal pathogen Verticillium fungicola - one of the biggest threats to mushroom growers worldwide. Zivion M is the first launch under DSM’s new Zivion trademark.

In developing Zivion, DSM partnered with Sylvan Inc., an international leader in the mushroom industry, to meet the industry’s stringent demands for safe and effective disease control. DSM’s 50 years of expertise in effective, bio-based anti-mold solutions combined with Sylvan Inc.’s in-depth application knowledge resulted in the first ever natural fungicide against Dry Bubble Disease in the US. Sylvan Inc. will distribute the product and the two companies jointly share technology rights to the use of Zivion M in mushroom cultivation.

The mushroom industry is looking for new technology to enable them to provide a safe and wholesome product. Zivion M will help the mushroom grower prevent this destructive disease from occurring in the first place rather than just treating the problem after it occurs” comments Gregory Kesel, Regional President, Americas, DSM Food Specialties. “Zivion M is a natural product, which means it minimizes risk for farm workers and enables growers to maximize their yields”.

According to Dr. Mark Wach, Sylvan’s Vice President for Research and Development. “The use of Zivion M requires no change to growers’ current production processes. With Zivion M we have an effective natural crop protection solution that provides clear benefits to white button mushroom growers. We believe that the product will give our customers the confidence that their crop is effectively protected, which ultimately helps them to maximize their profits.”

1 Zivion™ is a trademark of DSM