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Innovative solar panels supply solar energy for DSM

Sittard, NL, 10 Oct 2012 16:00 CEST

DSM Nederland is using solar energy on the Alert & Care Centre in Sittard-Geleen, which is owned by Sitech Services. 365 solar panels in all (ca 550m²) have been installed on the roof of the ACC on the edge of the Chemelot Campus. The ACC houses the DSM occupational health and safety department and the Sitech Services fire service organization. The solar panels, with a special DSM KhepriCoat® coating, produce around 76 MWh of electricity a year. The solar panels were supplied and installed by Eneco. USG buys the energy generated from Eneco to supply to its customers on the Chemelot site.
365 solar panels in all (ca 550m²) have been installed on the roof of the ACC on the edge of the Chemelot Campus

Atzo Nicolaï (Director, DSM Nederland), Frans van de Noort (Director, Eneco Solar, Bio and Hydro), Gerard Hannen (DSM Innovation Center), Jan Kaptijn (Manager Commercial Affairs USG) and Jos Keulen (Director, Sitech Park Services) officially opened the installation today, Sustainability Day.

Atzo Nicolaï: “DSM delivers solutions for the major challenges of this world. I think the fact that we’re now using one of these solutions, the special KhepriCoat coating which increases the capacity of solar cells, on the solar panels on the Alert & Care Centre, is a wonderfully symbolic step, which underlines the importance of sustainability, innovation and partnerships. We’ve made this possible together with our partners Eneco, USG and Sitech.”

Frans van de Noort: “Sitech Services provided the site, Eneco supplied the panels, Eneco’s installation company installed them and DSM supplied the patented KhepriCoat coating which allows the solar panels to generate more energy than usual. This cooperation again underlines our pursuit of sustainable energy, both internally and together with DSM, USG and Sitech. We’re proud to have carried out this project with DSM, USG and Sitech Services.”

DSM solar panels

The striking thing about the solar panels on the roof of the ACC, apart from the location, is the coating applied to them. KhepriCoat, developed by DSM, is an anti-reflective coating, which significantly reduces the amount of sunlight reflected by the glass surface. This allows the solar panels to deliver an average of 4% more energy than usual. Thanks to its patented technology, the DSM KhepriCoat coating is one of the most effective anti-reflective coatings and also provides a high level of sustainability.