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Embracing safety – DSM wins Model Enterprise Award for building SHE community culture

Singapore, SG, 25 Oct 2012 11:00 CEST

DSM has received the ‘Model Enterprise Award’ for the way the company has been building a safety culture at its site in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, China.

DSM, one of the world's leading engineering plastics suppliers, is one of the three winners in a field of some 70 competitors, and was nominated as the ‘Model Enterprise’ candidate for the Jiangsu Province and the Wuxi Region, thanks to its proactive participation in various SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) culture building activities in the local community. The award and the nominations all reflect the responsible care that DSM continues to show towards society.

During the award ceremony on 17 August 2012, Mr. Yang Bo, DSM’s SHE Supervisor, gave a presentation to the leaders of the Department for Production Safety Management in the Jiangyin National Hi-Tech Zone . He highlighted the in-depth experience DSM has acquired in SHE management and culture buildup. The group of more than 200 attendees, which included officials and managers from other companies in the Hi-Tech Zone, indicated they were very impressed by the themed activities organized at the DSM Jiangyin site, such as ‘Safety Starts With Me’, ‘Safety Follows Me’, the site’s DSM SHE Award Nomination, as well as the implementation of DSM’s 12 Life Saving Rules.

The State Administration of Work Safety of China initiated the ‘Model Enterprise of Safety Culture Buildup’ Award, which has been held since 2010, aiming to enhance the SHE culture buildup and improve the safety management of enterprises, so that accidents can be reduced and prevented. The DSM Jiangyin site has actively responded by building SHE culture and practices, improving safety awareness and behavior at all levels in the organization.

The global promotion of DSM’s 12 Life-Saving Rules commenced in 2011. Carried out in four stages, the rules aim to further standardize procedures of operations with higher risks, through step-by-step communication and workshops.

On 6 July 2011, a roadshow with the theme ‘Safety Follows Me’ was organized at the Jiangyin site, where the operations staff performed vivid short plays according to the 12 lifesaving rules and shared the value of safe operations through demonstrations of real objects.

Subsequently, the DSM Jiangyin site launched the ‘Safety Starts With Me’ initiative, an effort to prioritize safety responsibilities for all employees and contractors.

The site was nominated for the DSM SHE Award 2011, DSM’s global annual award, for its good SHE performance.

We are very proud to receive this award as the ‘Model Enterprise of Safety Culture Buildup in Jiangyin’,” said Mr. Yang Bo, “we will further improve our SHE performance and go for excellence in the coming years so as to make an even greater contribution to SHE culture in the community and to society as a whole.”