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OMP and DSM Dyneema: multi-year license agreement in motorsport

Urmond, NL, 10 Jan 2013 11:00 CET

OMP Racing - an Italian company, leader in the design and production of safety components for the motorsport industry - and DSM - a global science based company active in health, nutrition and materials - have recently signed a multi-year license agreement for the worldwide use of Dyneema®, in motorsport. This DSM synthetic fiber, branded as Dyneema, is extremely light and 15 times stronger than steel.

The use of Dyneema will allow significant increases in the performance of products currently used in motorsport, in compliance with the safety regulations imposed by the international control bodies.

Compared to other materials currently used in this field, such as carbon fibers, Kevlar® and titanium, Dyneema fibers are the lightest, so light that they are lighter than water (they float!), and they have the best strength to weight ratio. More specifically, compared for example with the carbon fiber T400, one of the materials commonly used in motorsport, Dyneema is about 45% lighter and  its strength to weight ratio is about 50% higher. These characteristics make its use particularly suitable in an industry constantly looking for ever more efficient solutions in terms of safety and weight.

OMP will start using Dyneema fibers in the manufacture of safety belts. And according to studies carried out in the R&D laboratory of the Ronco Scrivia production plant near Genoa, could enable a weight reduction of more than 40% compared to safety belts previously supplied to Formula 1 vehicles.

This is only one of the possible uses of Dyneema in the safety equipment for drivers involved in motorsport, and other innovative applications are already being explored by OMP.

Prior to this agreement, Dyneema has been used in many areas including industrial applications (ropes and slings), military applications (bullet-resistant vests and helmets), maritime applications (ropes for mooring offshore platforms) and sailing (riggings and sails used by leading teams engaged in some of the most prestigious international competitions).

Mr. Gerard de Reuver, President of DSM Dyneema, says “DSM Dyneema strongly believes in teamwork and collaboration with key partners to develop practical solutions that deliver real benefits for the end user. The partnership with OMP emphasizes our ambition to innovate and enter new markets. It confirms our focus on long term sustainable growth for our partners and for us. 

The development of the new safety harness for the 2013 Formula 1 season is just the beginning of a range of possible applications for Dyneema in the motorsport industry. The collaboration with OMP underlines our ambition to keep people safe even in the most extreme situations, outperforming all others”.

“This agreement, signed with such a prestigious entity on the international scientific scene as DSM"- stated Mr. Paolo Delprato, CEO of OMP – "proves once again the philosophy of our company to remain clearly focused on research and innovation to develop products that are ever more efficient and safe for the many fans and practitioners of motorsport.

We spent several months analyzing various alternatives in our search of innovative solutions for our sector. After careful consideration we chose Dyneema because it perfectly combines the essential characteristics of our products: safety and performance. The first studies on new products have been very exciting and we believe, with this exclusive agreement, we have set an important milestone in the development of new innovative products".

About OMP Racing

OMP is an Italian company, world leader in the design and production of motor-racing equipment (fire resistant suits, seats, steering wheels, safety harnesses, etc..), from Formula 1 to the touring car world championship WTCC, from FIA GT1 to Formula Master GP2 Championship. Founded in 1973, OMP is one of the few companies in the world that is able to offer a complete range of equipment for racing cars and the safety of drivers, with more than 5,000 products in the catalog. Further information on OMP Racing is available at