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DSM launches novel Daron® 90/B18 and Daron 135/B5 resin systems for high performance structural infusion

Schaffhausen, CH, 14 Mar 2013 12:00 CET

DSM is introducing two resin systems for the manufacturing of components and structures through vacuum infusion at high speed, designated Daron® 90/B18 and Daron 135/B5. These new resin systems allow part manufacturers to reduce production cycle times, and make strong parts with excellent durability and resistance to fatigue. Target markets include wind energy, building & infrastructure and marine.

Because of their low inherent viscosity and compatibility with multiple fiber sizing types, glass impregnation with Daron 90/B18 and Daron 135/B5 resin systems is straightforward. The curing can take place at room temperature and is fast. Unlike comparable epoxy resin systems, a great through cure can be achieved by applying only a limited post-cure. The Daron 90/B18 and Daron 135/B5 resin systems can give excellent static and dynamic properties with both glass and carbon fibers.

The market for large structural composite parts has been dominated by epoxy resins for their good fatigue resistance (in spite of epoxy processing limitations and part manufacturing inflexibility). Unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester systems provide significant processing benefits. Now with Daron 90/B18 and Daron 135/B5 resin systems DSM is able to offer the best of both worlds, so parts with great mechanical integrity and fatigue resistance can be made at high speed and low cost.

Composite part manufacturers would like to reduce their cycle times and increase production output” explains Luuk Groenewoud, New Business Development Manager Structural Applications at DSM Composite resins. “By offering these new resin systems, DSM provides a robust solution for making large parts that can operate reliably with a long service life expectation”.

DSM is known for its innovation track record, and its leadership role in growing composite markets and applications”, adds Fons Harbers, European Commercial Director DSM Composite resins. “The new Daron systems will help solutions based on composites to become more competitive when compared with solutions in alternative materials”.