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DSM launches novel Daron® RTM Resin Series as a high performance, user friendly and versatile alternative to epoxy and polyurethane

Schaffhausen, CH, 14 Mar 2013 12:15 CET

DSM is introducing a new range of Daron® RTM Resins for the manufacturing of carbon and glass fiber reinforced composite structural components. These new resins allow molders to obtain large production series with consistent part quality. They also enable OEMs to make light-weight and stronger parts that can help reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Along with the need of Automotive OEMs to develop cars with exciting shapes and reduced weight, there is a clear requirement to ensure security of supply to their customers. Therefore, Tier ones and molders have the task of ensuring process and part quality consistency for delivering components and assemblies in line with OEM demand. 

In this respect the Daron RTM Resin Series are bringing exactly what is required. Together with excellent mechanical performance, they provide low inherent viscosity both at low and high temperatures in comparison to the incumbent epoxy and polyurethane resin systems. Also, Daron RTM Resin Series are compatible with multiple fiber sizing types. Consequently, fiber impregnation can be swift and reliable, while the fast curing speeds help to minimize cycle time and maximize process output (production series of up to 25,000 parts per year). Moreover, these resins have demonstrated they providehuge flexibility in fine-tuning viscosity, speed of curing, and for RTM process conditions in order to get exactly the right part performance desired by its creators. 

The new Daron RTM Resin Series are demonstrating great processing robustness and combine great part performance with excellent production speed,” says Luuk Groenewoud, Head of Business Development at DSM Composite resins. ”DSM makes it easy for designers to develop parts for cars that have to perform well in tough environments day to day”.

DSM is one of the leading composite solution suppliers for the automotive industry”, adds Fons Harbers, European Commercial Director DSM Composite resins. “The new Daron RTM Resin Series represents another opportunity to increase composites acceptance and a wider application of these versatile materials in passenger cars”.