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Green revolution in composites: DSM presents Beyone™ 1, Styrene-free and Cobalt-free structural infusion resin with 40% bio-content

Schaffhausen, CH, 14 Mar 2013 12:30 CET

DSM is proud to announce the introduction of Beyone™ 1, a new high performance resin system at JEC 2013. This revolutionary resin forms an integral part of DSM’s continuous effort of delivering products that combine excellent mechanical strength and fatigue resistance, ease of processing, and reduced impact on the environment. The Beyone 1 resin is a BluCure™ Product, is styrene- as well as cobalt-free, and approximately 40 % of its raw materials are based on renewable resources. This resin is targeted at applications in building, Infrastructure, marine and wind energy.

Composite components need to provide structural integrity, while being exposed to high dynamic loads and fatigue. DSM has a mission to deliver cutting edge solutions to satisfy designers and OEMs needs for superior strength materials that will ensure continuous functioning of their products. 

DSM has been at the forefront of introducing new products and technologies that can meet the most stringent performance requirements and that are sustainable at the same time. The revolutionary Beyone 1 resin is unique in that perspective, combining the great processing characteristics typical for polyester and vinyl ester resins, and excellent strength and fatigue resistance associated with epoxy resins. 

The low resin viscosity enables easy impregnation and high processing speeds, saving cost and yielding high process output. Close to 40% of the raw materials used for this resin are derived from renewable resources, diminishing considerably the ecological footprint and already clearing the way for continued supply in future when availability of fossil-based raw materials may be reduced.

DSM has been able to develop this groundbreaking resin using its wide expertise in Styrene-free and Cobalt-free technology”, says Robert Puyenbroek, Chief Technical Officer of DSM Composite Resins. “This new resin is 40% bio-based and also demonstrates great performance, so we believe that we are redefining the standard for the industry both in performance and sustainability: truly a Green Revolution.”

“For many years DSM has been living its Sustainable Innovation strategy, as we lead the industry in pushing the limits of traditional resin systems”, adds Fons Harbers, European Commercial Director DSM Composite resins. “With the Beyone 1 resin we deliver true innovation to the market as promised, so together with our customers we can grow and create more value with composites”.