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DSM launches Arnitel C for high performance under-the-bonnet tube applications

Singapore, SG, 20 May 2013 12:00 CEST

Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Material Sciences company, has introduced Arnitel® C, CM622, a material for high heat automotive tubes and hoses.
Two men examining an automotive tube

As the automotive industry sets out to improve vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions - without compromising on safety and comfort, some of the key trends include downsizing. One of the consequences of this particular trend is that there is less mounting space available and temperatures increase significantly, which in turn leads to the need for higher performing materials or the introduction of costly heat shields.

Building on the company’s experience in the automotive industry and in-depth knowledge of high performance materials, DSM applied its Bright Science to develop Arnitel C thermoplastic copolyester elastomer. The new material, which has already been used successfully in vacuum brake tubes, outperforms PA12, PA11, PA6.12, PA610, PA1010, PA1012, and many other high heat resistant flexible products.

Arnitel C is very flexible yet plasticizer free. This innovative product delivers an extremely high performance and is able to withstand low as well as high temperatures of up to 225⁰C with an extremely good heat aging performance. The material fulfills all stringent standards for under the hood tubes.

Arnitel C can be processed using standard extrusion equipment and displays excellent aging, peak performance and mechanical strength as well as maximum flexibility without the need for plasticizers. In the automotive industry where key trends are downsizing, and functional integration, Arnitel C can make a significant contribution through the elimination of heat shields and by offering greater design freedom, leading to reduced mounting space, weight reductions and lower integral costs.

Paul Habets, Global Segment Manager Specialty Extrusion for DSM says: “When we introduce this material to our customers, they usually do not believe that it is possible to combine so much flexibility with such high heat performance. When we invite them to test the material, they are positively amazed.”

Mr. Habets adds: “We have been working in close cooperation with the automotive industry for well over 25 years. With Arnitel C we are able to deliver a sustainable solution. Because it is plasticizer free, and is fully recyclable, it enables us to deliver a smaller carbon footprint and potentially lower costs."