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DSM rises rapidly in Biofuels Digest’s ‘Hot’ Bioenergy and Renewable Chemicals polls

Delft, NL, 11 Oct 2013 09:15 CEST

Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company, received top-10 honors this week in Biofuels Digest’s prestigious ‘50 Hottest Companies In Bioenergy’ and ‘30 Hottest In Renewable Chemicals’ polls. The company finished in 10th spot in the magazine’s Bioenergy poll, joining our joint venture partner POET in the top 10, and grabbed 7th position in the Renewable Chemicals contest, beating established industry peers DuPont and Novozymes for the first time in both contests.
Biofuels Digest Awards

We’re honored to have been placed so highly among our peers in these polls, which recognize the pioneering contribution we’re making towards a sustainable, bio-based economy,” said Anton Robek, President DSM Bio-based Products & Services. “Our efforts are increasingly helping many manufacturers and consumers around the world to reduce their dependence on fossil-based feedstocks in energy and in commerce, reducing their carbon footprint and ultimately providing a better environment for all of us.”

The polls, based on industry professionals in the biofuels and bio-chemical industries votes, have been conducted for the last four years and show an upward progression for DSM’s perception in these industries. Previously, DSM was ranked outside the ‘Hot 50’ and 24th for the last two years in the Bioenergy poll, and 20th and 13th in the Renewable Chemicals poll.

DSM Bio-based Products & Services

DSM is a frontrunner in creating bio-based and environmentally sound solutions within its Bio-based Products and Services unit. DSM focuses on enabling technology in biofuels and bio-based chemicals and materials made from renewable biomass, and demonstrating the commercial viability of these technologies in collaboration with strategic partners along the value chain.

DSM aims to develop competitive solutions that also deliver significant improvement in carbon footprints measured by Life Cycle Analysis. DSM’s joint venture with ethanol major POET will demonstrate production of cellulosic bio-ethanol from corn-crop residue in Project Liberty.

DSM also developed a novel low pH fermentative route to produce high-quality bio-based succinic acid, and with joint-venture partner Roquette Frères operates a 10 kiloton plant in Italy – the first of its scale in the world.