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DSM successfully introduces new AstaSana™ astaxanthin product form

Parsippany NJ, US, 21 Jan 2014 17:00 CET

DSM, the world’s leading producer and supplier of astaxanthin announced today the successful introduction of a new AstaSana™ Astaxanthin product form – a 10% fluid suspension. The new 10% fluid suspension form is available for use in the human dietary supplement market and is supported by the strongest safety package of all commercially available astaxanthin products. This is consistent with DSM’s overall portfolio of naturally sourced and nature-identical nutritional ingredients. AstaSana Astaxanthin is  an unesterified (free) form of astaxanthin. It is a nature-identical and bioavailable carotenoid nutrient which combines the powerful advantages of its antioxidant potency with DSM’s quality and ability to provide a consistent global supply.

As the global leader in vitamins, carotenoids, nutritional lipids, nutracueticals and premixes, DSM invests in the development, manufacturing and marketing of naturally sourced, as well as nature identical nutrients to help improve the health of millions of consumers worldwide. According to Jim Hamilton, President of DSM Nutritional Products USA, “We are excited to offer our customers an astaxanthin that is safe and bioavailable, has been in the food supply for over 25 years, and sets the safety standard for all other commercially available astaxanthin in the marketplace. Our portfolio, which is by the far the broadest in the industry, includes both naturally-sourced and nature-identical ingredients - all to provide our customers and their consumers a choice for use in a variety of dietary supplements, food & beverage and infant nutrition applications.” 

DSM’s astaxanthin has undergone a formal approval by the Food and Drug Administration as an article of commerce in the US food supply, unlike many of our competitors in the natural astaxanthin space. It has been used safely for decades and is supported by the most extensive safety data set specific to any single astaxanthin product. The safety studies performed by DSM for our astaxanthin set the safety standard for all other commercially available astaxanthin in the marketplace and has been referenced by other natural astaxanthin producers. 

AstaSana Astaxanthin is a free and bioavailable astaxanthin form. From the extensive scientific literature, it is well-documented that only the free form of astaxanthin is found in human blood after supplementation. That means the esterified astaxanthin, although sourced via microalgae, is also de-esterified into the free form in the gastrointestinal tract. This observation is supported by scientific data which have reported that in humans, the esterified form of astaxanthin has a lower bioavailability than the free form. 

AstaSana Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant and helps complement other existing antioxidants in a formulation. It offers manufacturers the ability to differentiate their products and give their antioxidant cocktail an edge. Consumers interest in products with antioxidant claims is on the rise. A large number of consumers don’t receive the antioxidants they need from their diet because of inadequate consumption of nutrients – fruits, vegetables, fish..” says, Anthony Palmieri, Sr. Marketing Manager. AstaSana Astaxanthin is available in sample size of 50 grams and package sizes of 5 and 20 kilograms. 

To learn more about AstaSana Astaxanthin, please call 1-800-526-0189 or visit us at Booth # 320, Engredea 2014, Anaheim California.