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DSM CEO Feike Sijbesma reconfirms commitment to China at the Netherlands-China Trade and Economic Forum

Shanghai, CN, 24 Mar 2014 14:00 CET

Royal DSM CEO Feike Sijbesma spoke on Sunday 23rd March 2014 at the Netherlands-China Trade and Economic Forum in Noordwijk (the Netherlands), where China President Xi Jinping was present with a large delegation, along with King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and a large delegation of business from both the Netherlands and China.
King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (l) and Feike Sijbesma, DSM's CEO (r)

In his speech, Mr. Sijbesma said: “Our country is sometimes characterized by clogs, wind mills and tulips, but it is also the country of technology, innovation and sustainability, with amongst other things a strong agro-food sector laying the foundation for a renewable bio-based economy”.

Mr. Sijbesma reconfirmed DSM’s commitment to China and the willingness of the Netherlands-based Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company to contribute to improve the environmental, societal and economic progress of our world. “As a member of the Global CEO Council of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, I have felt the commitment to sustainability and growth of the Chinese leadership, and I am impressed. As President Xi said, “just as China needs to learn more about the world, the world needs to learn more about China”. So, I hope we will keep on sharing and learning from each other’s experiences”, said Mr. Sijbesma.

As the world’s largest food/feed/nutritional ingredients company, DSM is active in the field of animal and human nutrition, in biotechnology, in new forms of energy such as cellulosic (“second generation”) biofuels, solar energy as well as new materials for the electronics and automotive sectors. DSM has established an R&D and Innovation Centre in Shanghai employing several hundreds of people and has many collaborations with Chinese academic partners.

DSM is and remains very committed to China and believes that China offers great opportunities. Even when we currently see somewhat of a slowdown, China remains the second largest economy in the world. So our company is committed to contributing to the ambitions of China and will continue to invest in China”, concluded Mr.Sijbesma.

DSM in China

DSM began trading with China in 1963 and established its first China sales office and first manufacturing facility in early 1990s. The company currently has 42 affiliates in China including 25 manufacturing sites and employs about 3,400 people. DSM China regional headquarters and China Science and Technology Center is located in Shanghai. DSM’s business is growing healthily and steadily in China with revenue of more than USD1.7 billion in 2013. For further information, please visit