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DSM and COVESS to exhibit solutions for CNG and hydrogen fuel tanks at NGV Global 2014

Birmingham MI, US, 25 Apr 2014 16:00 CEST

DSM and COVESS will be on exhibit #1531 at NGV Global 2014 to be held on 5 -8 May at Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA. COVESS and DSM have developed thermoplastic composite gas tanks for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and are developing thermoplastic tanks for hydrogen storage, which together they will highlight in their exhibit.

Hydrogen and natural gas are claiming their place in the field of cost effective and low carbon footprint fuels for the automotive. Countries with major natural gas reserves are looking at the advantage of using CNG as an alternative fuel which reduces the CO2 emission by 15% compared to current solutions in petrol or diesel and is estimated to drive growth by some 25% in the coming years. This new tank, which is an ongoing joint development between DSM and COVESS, is made out of DSM’s engineering plastics.

Compared to steel tanks, composite thermoset and thermoplastic gas tanks reduce weight by 70%. The lifetime of thermoplastic tanks exceeds conventional steel or even advanced thermoset gas tanks due to the unique concept of consolidating the continuous GF/CF fiber and polymer matrix. The weight reduction results in significant CO2 emission reduction and the tanks can be 100% recycled in prime applications thereby closing the end-of-life cycle. The full thermoplastic tanks enable the use of CNG as fuel for passenger cars in a safe way, without explosion danger at extremely low permeation levels.