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DSM to showcase portfolio for flexible food packaging at PACK EXPO International 2014  

Singapore, SG, 19 Aug 2014 12:00 CEST

Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Material Sciences company, will showcase their portfolio for flexible food packaging at PACK EXPO International 2014 (Nov. 2-5 McCormick Place, Chicago). DSM’s leadership in polyamide 6 (Akulon®) and thermoplastic copolyester for thin film (Arnitel®) for flexible food packaging is helping customers to provide better solutions to the world’s rapidly changing food packaging needs, meeting the demand for food safety and reduced food and packaging waste.

Danilo Fioravante, Global Business Director Akulon DSM Engineering Plastics, says: “The continued growth in the global population, together with changes in lifestyles, has led to a rise in the demand for food and food packaging materials. Food waste caused by inadequate food preservation has aggravated this demand. So there is an increasing need for packaging solutions that keep food safer and extend the shelf life of food".

DSM recently announced plans to invest in a new plant for high viscosity Akulon polyamide 6 grades for film and other extrusion applications in North America. Richard Pieters, President DSM Engineering Plastics Americas, states: “We are determined to grow further in the packaging industry where we have already proven to meet our customers’ demand with our in-depth application know how and innovative solutions. Adding locally produced Akulon polyamide 6 grades for film to our North American portfolio complements our offering and strengthens our position to optimally serve our global and local customers.”

Pieters commented further stating: “Meeting consumer demand around the world is our mission. DSM understands the needs of the market and will continue to apply its Bright Science to find the most sustainable and commercially viable solutions for our customers. Working in partnership with the industry, we will provide customers with functional materials that can reduce the footprint, lower food waste, enhance food safety, and offer cost advantages; Bright Science for a Brighter Living.”

As a leader in material science, DSM has developed a portfolio of engineering plastic materials for packaging solutions including Akulon polyamide 6 (PA6) for flexible barrier films and Arnitel thermoplastic copolyester (TPC) for breathable films. These materials are highly suited for the production of packaging film for fresh foods where they deliver benefits - reducing food waste, as well as improving food quality and convenience of use.

Akulon: Extending shelf life

Applying its Bright Science, DSM is helping to extend the capability of Akulon polyamide 6 in flexible packaging film applications through the ongoing development of innovative sustainable material solutions. As well as providing optimum barrier protection against oxygen – making it especially appropriate for the packaging of freshly produced meat, fish and cheese - Akulon provides puncture resistance in co-extruded or laminated multi-layer film structures. These are key attributes in maintaining product freshness, ensuring greater protection during transit, and extending shelf life.

Akulon XS: Breakthrough in polyamide blown film processing for flexible packaging design

To solve the problem of excessive crystallization of traditional PA6 in multilayer barrier films, DSM developed Akulon XS. This modified polyamide crystallizes up to six times more slowly in the film bubble than standard PA6, matching the crystallization rate of other material layers. This feature can help improve the stability of the bubble in blown film production, reduce energy consumption, and increase yield. Because of the delayed crystallization, it avoids wrinkles in lay-flat of blown films. Films made of Akulon XS have better stretching capability, and offer more flexibility in food packaging design.

Akulon Low Oligomer Polyamide (LOPA): Reducing lactam pollution in flexible packaging

Low Oligomer Polyamide (LOPA) is a specially engineered polyamide with a lower caprolactam monomer count that reduces lactams occurring during the production of bi-axial oriented polyamide (BOPA) film.  LOPA allows for improved air quality and raises productivity by avoiding the need for frequent cleanings that excessive lactam powder required.

Arnitel: More intelligent flexible packaging for food

The food industry has long been concerned about how the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables can be prolonged. Thanks to its ability to provide a selectively breathable barrier in films, Arnitel offers an excellent packaging solution. Packaging films made of Arnitel can balance the levels of oxygen and CO2 in the package, and so keep perishable food fresh and safe for longer.

For cheese packaging, DSM launched Pack-Age™, which enables cheeses to ripen naturally while being wrapped in the film. The moisture-permeable film makes it possible for cheese to dry just as it does in the traditional ripening process. Meanwhile, by incorporating DSM’s Delvo®Cid natural food preservative, the packaging film can effectively prevent the growth of yeasts and molds.

Arnitel Eco: A sustainable source of material

Because DSM is passionate about playing a leading role in the change of a fossil fuel dependent economy to a more sustainable, bio-based one, the company introduced Arnitel Eco, a unique addition to the Arnitel family. The material is up to 50% made of renewable resources, using rapeseed oil instead of mineral oil Arnitel Eco’s has its first commercial application in the production of high-temperature ovenable pan liners. Pan liners are used in food preparation, cooking and holding, to prevent food from “baking-on” and “burning-on” to the pot or pan surface. The main driver is the material’s wide temperature resistance. Especially for food contact applications, Arnitel Eco offers an important feature: food does not stick to it. This gives a higher yield and quality of the food presented.

EcoPaXX®: The ultimate bio-based plastics

EcoPaXX is a high-performance polyamide 4.10 that’s perfect for packaging. This green plastic is truly unlike any other, with a neutral carbon footprint: Some 70% of its building blocks come from castor beans that don’t compete with the food chain. DSM added a higher viscosity extrusion grade to its portfolio of EcoPaXX polyamide 410 for the film, fiber and monofilament markets to support customers who appreciate the excellent thermal stability, broad processing range and very good melt strength of EcoPaXX.

Novamid®: The perfect package

Novamid is DSM’s brand of specialty PA6 and PA66 homopolymer and PA6/66 copolymer polyamides delivering high transparency and very low oxygen permeability helping to keep the freshness in packaging. Novamid features a portfolio of grades for extrusion applications such as films, monofilaments, tubes, and others, supported by excellent application knowledge and support.