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DSM goes gluten-free at BrauBeviale

Delft, NL, 03 Nov 2014 00:00 CET

DSM, Booth 1-353, Exhibition Center Nuremberg, 11-13 November 2014

DSM published a paper today exploring the opportunities for brewers to tap into new markets with gluten-free beer. At the upcoming BrauBeviale show, DSM will showcase its enzyme portfolio, inviting customers to visit their booth to see how gluten-free beer is made easy.

Enjoying gluten-free beer

DSM’s content paper, titled ‘Go Gluten Free’, delves into online analytics and trends with regards to specialty beer and gluten consciousness and provides insights into consumer trends relevant for this market opportunity. With the growth of artisanal and specialty beers, addressing new target audiences with innovations is an opportunity for producers that are primarily associated with traditional lager beer.

We think there is a great opportunity to go gluten-free,” says Fokke van den Berg, Global Marketing Manager at DSM Food Specialties. “In the last years, we’ve seen that 10% of overall new product introductions have been gluten-free, yet only 1% of new beers carry this claim. Our analysis shows that there is great consumer interest and attraction in the gluten trend that beer producers can benefit from.”

The gluten-free trend is driven by increased consumer interest and awareness. Online analytics shows that in 2013, ‘gluten’ was the fifth most common search term people used when typing the words ‘what is...’ in google for instance.

As part of its portfolio, DSM has a full range of brewing enzymes on the market which it will be showcasing at BrauBeviale. With the help of the tried-and-tested Brewers Clarex® portfolio, gluten protein can be broken down at the start of the brewing fermentation process, thereby making it easy for brewers to create gluten-free beers using malted barley, with the exact same taste profile as regular lager. Furthermore, Brewers Clarex will stabilize beer in a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly way, removing the need for the traditional cold stabilization method.

‘Go Gluten free’ is part of DSM’s series ‘Add a little, do a lot’ investigating the benefits of enzymes, and is testament to its ongoing commitment to help the food and beverage industry create healthier, greener, more attractive and affordable products.

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