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DSM launches Beyone™ 820-H-01 low-shrinkage additive for SMC

Schaffhausen, CH, 10 Mar 2015 09:00 CET

In Electrical and Transportation markets components are often used without painting, consequently they need to have great surface quality and aesthetics. For manufacturing these parts also dimensional predictability and processing consistency are very important. DSM introduces at JEC 2015 the new Beyone™ 820-H-01 low shrinkage additive for making SMC formulations that combine a low-shrinkage feature with excellent pigment-ability.
JEC Europe 2015

For manufacturing components used in Electrical and Transportation applications, designers often turn to composites solutions based on SMC, using low shrinkage additives in their formulations. While these additives are great for pigmentation, they offer very limited shrinkage compensation. The new Beyone 820-H-01 low shrinkage additive is unique in the sense that it enables zero shrinkage in combination with homogeneous pigmentation. Ideal for making components that need to have color without a painting step. At the same time, the parts are strong and resistant to mechanical impact.

With the new Beyone 820-H-01 one can make SMC formulations that have zero shrinkage during cure. This immediately translates into minimized warpage, excellent dimensional consistency and thus, better fit during final assembly. For OEMs and designers the zero shrinkage feature also means easier design, as the impact of shrinkage during cure on part dimensions is minimal. This saves time and engineering headaches.

“Formulations with Beyone 820-H-01 feature lower viscosity and as a consequence easier fiber impregnation,“ explains Peter Hilzendegen, SMC & BMC Market Segment Leader of DSM Composite Resins. “This brings nice benefits like improved mechanical properties and flow control during SMC processing.”

“With Beyone 820-H-01 in my formulations, I can finally offer my customers a deeply colored product that still has great dimensional accuracy,” mentions Hans Schiphouwer, R&D Manager of VDL Wientjes. "This unique combination of properties allows them to design quality parts with superior aesthetics, clearly outperforming their competition. They are very proud to show their new products to the market.”