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DSM launches new Beyone™ Cobalt-free resin series at JEC

Schaffhausen, CH, 10 Mar 2015 09:00 CET

Because of the risk of potential reclassification of Cobalt carboxylates in the near future, customers are looking for truly sustainable Cobalt-free resin systems that provide great end-use performance as well as excellent processing characteristics. Consequently, at JEC 2015 DSM presents its novel Beyone™ Cobalt-free product line of pre-accelerated resins for Hand lay-up and Spray-up applications. All these Cobalt-free product series are based on BluCure™ Technology.
BluCure™ Technology

The new Beyone 170, 177 and 185 resin series are based on Ortho, DCPD and Vinyl ester chemistries respectively. Resins are available for a broad range of applications with different levels of reactivity, and can be optimized for specific customer processes and requirements. The resins may also have LSE functionality for reducing the emission of styrene during resin processing.

Composite components manufactured with new Beyone 170, 177 and 185 resin series are strong and can be used in many structural applications in Marine, Building, Construction, and Industrial end-use markets.

Because of their Cobalt-free nature, these new pre-accelerated Beyone™ resins are highly sustainable materials”, comments Ad de Koning, R&D Director of DSM Composite Resins. “Using these resins for your composite parts now, ensures that your manufacturing operation is future-proof for an eventual Cobalt Carboxylate reclassification, and avoids a costly and time-consuming product requalification down the road.

Since the introduction of the BluCure Technology, DSM has been at the forefront of the developing Cobalt-free resin systems”, adds Fons Harbers, Sales & Marketing Director of DSM Composite Resins. “Our continued commitment to sustainable innovation is a clear illustration of our leadership role in the Composites industry.”