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DSM presents new Beyone™ 120-Q-01 styrene-free resin for filament winding applications

Schaffhausen, CH, 10 Mar 2015 09:00 CET

For composite components used in industrial environments like pipes and tanks, customers require material solutions that combine mechanical strength, durability and ease of part manufacturing. At the same time, they want systems that are environmentally friendly. At JEC 2015 DSM presents Beyone™ 120-Q-01, a new styrene-free resin system suitable for filament winding that can bring laminate strength and resistance to chemicals at the same time.
JEC Europe

Beyone 120-Q-01 is styrene-free Vinyl ester resin for Filament Winding applications, containing  photo-initiators for UV-light curing. The resin easily impregnates and wets out glass fibers and is cured fast by application of low energy UV-light (365-420 nm) or with appropriate conventional curing agents.

Composite laminates manufactured with Beyone 120-Q-01 resin are strong and can be used in demanding applications like gas pipes for Trenchless Horizontal Drilling installation. While preventing pipe damage during installation, the excellent mechanical properties translate into time-saving and cost-efficiency: no need to replace damaged pipes, a common problem when using traditional cement mortar covered pipes.

“Because of its styrene-free nature, the Beyone 120-Q-1 resin is a highly sustainable material“, explains Marta Pascual, Market Segment Leader for Corrosion Resistance/ Food Contact of DSM Composite Resins. “In addition, the absence of styrene helps to create a better environment for workers and avoids the investment in costly ventilation and emission control equipment.”

“DSM has great experience in deploying composites material systems in industrial and corrosive environments, bringing in-depth knowledge on long term material behavior under different conditions”, explains Ad Koning, R&D Director of DSM Composite Resins. “We work closely together with our customers in selecting the best material system for their specific application.”