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DSM’s new Continental cheese solution offers more consumer choice

Delft, NL, 04 Jun 2015 09:00 CEST

DSM introduces a total solution of cultures and enzymes offering cheese manufacturers further flexibility to differentiate their Continental cheeses with full-body, preservative-free or low-fat options in the most cost-efficient way.
Continental cheeses

Continental cheeses, like Gouda, Edam and Manchego are attractive to many, making them an ideal staple for all consumers - from kids to adults. Widely consumed on sandwiches, as snacks or table cheese – Continental cheese is popular because of its diversity in flavor and texture. Manufacturers require a different production approach for each type of cheese.

To address the diverse taste, texture and fat requirements, DSM has developed a total solution for Continental cheese. It consists of a range of Delvo®Cheese CT cultures which alone or in combination with adjunct cultures, coagulants (Maxiren® and Fromase®) and ripening enzymes can meet all the divergent production demands. Depending on the need, DSM can supply an optimized solution for each cheese type, allowing customers to buy cheese cultures and enzymes that work synergistically together without any side-effects.

The reliable and consistent acidification of the cultures results in less losses. The enzymes and adjunct cultures add textural and flavor benefits, like improved slicing, dicing and reduced bitterness. Furthermore, the solution addresses the need for an easy-to-understand-label, as the coagulants are benzoate-free and increase the whey value thanks to their high thermolability and specificity.

We have seen that Continental cheese producers are looking for a unique taste or texture which can be adapted to local consumer demands. With our new solution, DSM is the ingredient partner for companies making all possible variations of Continental cheese all over the world”, explains Marjorie Saubusse, Global Marketing Manager Cheese. “As a service, we offer our partners a unique tool to calculate where process costs can be reduced and as a result of which you can get more cheese out of milk.”

As a leading provider of dairy ingredients, DSM offers a total portfolio of cultures, coagulants and other enzymes that deliver performance, reliable results and cost-effectiveness. Combining its strong scientific knowledge with application expertise, DSM works in close partnership with its customers, enabling them to innovate and maintain a high level of consistency across all their product lines.

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