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Ansell's new ultra-light cut-resistant Hyflex® gloves made with Dyneema® Diamond Technology Fiber takes hand safety to a new level

Urmond, NL, 21 Jul 2015 16:30 CEST

The newest style in Ansell’s ultra-light cut-resistant range of safety gloves, the HyFlex® 11-318, sets a new standard in top-quality gloves. The high performance and highly comfortable product results from the collaboration between Ansell, a global leader in health and safety solutions, and DSM Dyneema, whose Dyneema® Diamond Technology material enables thinner designs that provide the same cut protection levels as gloves twice as thick.
Ansell's HyFlex® 11-318 gloves

The HyFlex 11-318 enables Ansell to further build on the impressive market penetration achieved since the 2012 introduction of the company’s first glove made with Dyneema Diamond Technology, the HyFlex 11-518. Both glove styles offer a unique combination of low weight and superior comfort through the use of an innovative fiber that is 50 percent thinner than the materials normally used to make cut-resistant gloves. The HyFlex 11-318 glove, featuring an ultra-fine 18-gauge knit construction, is made with Dyneema Diamond Technology fiber, providing it with EN Level 3 cut protection.

“A lot of customers tell us they want a glove that they can forget they are wearing,” says Adrian Rusu, director, global new product development, Ansell. “They see gloves as a constraint in their work. With the HyFlex 11-318, we are taking another step in removing that constraint, we are giving users a bare-hands sensation without reducing the level of protection.”

Durable and comfortable, the HyFlex 11-318 offers an ideal hand protection solution for workers in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and white goods segments of industry. The design features spandex fibers in the knuckle and palm areas of the glove, which guarantees a snug and comfortable fit. It also makes these gloves the go-to choice for applications in assembly, packaging and product inspection, where users handling small parts with sharp edges require enhanced dexterity and optimum tactile control.

The HyFlex 11-318 differs from the HyFlex 11-518 in a number of important ways: the new product is uncoated, it incorporates carbon fibers, and is silicone free. According to Rusu, due to this combination of differentiating elements, the HyFlex 11-318 more than meets the various key requirements Ansell has identified in the market.

The uncoated design is particularly suited for applications where touch and flexibility are important, such as for handling small parts. Uncoated gloves such as the HyFlex 11-318 also are cooler than coated gloves, providing extra comfort and reducing perspiration.

Incorporating carbon fibers helps to eliminate static electricity, important when handling components in electrical and electronic systems, for example. This also taps into the trend for gloves that not only protect the user, but also the product they are handling and the process on which they are working. Moreover, because the gloves are silicone free, they can be safely used in a paintwork environment.

Dyneema Diamond Technology fiber is an enhanced version of Dyneema ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber, incorporating micro-particles for extra cut resistance in each filament.

“Ansell has created a glove with a true ‘wow’ factor, and Dyneema Diamond Technology is a critical enabling element, evidence of our company’s commitment to partner with industry leaders to create the world’s safest hands,” says Nico Janssen, business manager, DSM Dyneema. “It only takes a quick hands-on trial for any skeptics to be convinced that such thin gloves can provide the necessary protection from workplace cut hazards.”

“By adding the HyFlex 11-318 to our range of cut-resistant gloves, we have increased the choice available to users,” says Rusu. “What matters is that people protect themselves, so they need to be able to wear something that fits their personal needs. But whether it’s the HyFlex 11-318 or the HyFlex 11-518, our gloves made with Dyneema Diamond Technology fiber will keep them safe.”