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DSM Insight Series: Growing consumer concerns on sugar intake pave the way for sugar-reduced dairy

Delft, NL, 17 Sep 2015 14:00 CEST

DSM today published a second report in its Global Insight Series, focusing on sugar reduction. Based on an international survey, the report zooms in on consumer perceptions around sugar in dairy. Despite the fact that 62% of consumers surveyed are concerned about the sugar content in their dairy, sugared dairy is still preferred over sugar-reduced or no added sugar varieties. The report reveals a disparity between health and weight concerns and consumer buying behavior in this category.
Sugar cubes and glass of milk

DSM’s survey, conducted in the U.S., China, Brazil, Spain and Germany, shows that consumers (34%) and especially their children (53%), have increased their consumption of sugared dairy products over the last three years.  They have also indicated that they expect this to grow further, especially those living in China (49% adults, 68% children) and the U.S. (32% adults, 54% children).

Although close to two thirds of the respondents claim that they care about their sugar intake in general (64%), and that its content in dairy is a concern (62%), the consumption of sugared dairy products remains robust. However, there is a potential for food manufacturers to grow the sugar-reduced dairy market, which is not only driven by the World Health Organization guidelines on sugar intake but also by consumers as 80% of the respondents agree that dairy foods with low or reduced sugar are better for their health.

The findings support the relevance for new product developments in this category, where currently the products available do not meet consumer requirements that would lead to a shift in buying behavior. This report offers important insights for those working in marketing and innovation of dairy foods to see what is driving consumers with respect to sugar-reduced dairy. 

DSM has an enzyme-based sugar reduction concept for dairy on offer. With the help of enzymes, more of the sweetness that is naturally present in dairy products can be enhanced, creating a preferred sweet taste with less or no added sugar. Furthermore, the company is working on a fermentative sweetener platform to bring flexible, reliable and sustainable Stevia to the food and beverage industry.

The results of the consumer survey will be highlighted during the upcoming IDF World Dairy Summit in Lithuania, where Merel Roes, Global Marketing Manager Dairy Enzymes, will present the global consumption trends in sugar-reduced dairy at the marketing conference.

About the DSM Global Insight Series

As part of its drive to help the food industry improve their processes and deliver healthy, tasty and attractive products to consumers, DSM launched its Global Insight Series in 2013. The series investigates consumers’ perceptions and attitudes around food, taste and their perceived buying behavior. The series aims to ask those obvious questions which are rarely asked, providing customer insights into the perceptions behind the big food trends. The survey is done worldwide in multiple markets, representing the continents with a focus on emerging markets and their comparison to mature markets.

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