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Aliancys - New name for DSM Composite Resins

Schaffhausen, CH, 05 Nov 2015 17:00 CET

Earlier this year DSM announced a partnership with CVC Capital Partners (CVC). This involved the formation of a new holding company and the start of the DSM Composite Resins business as a separate business unit. As per January 2016, DSM Composite Resins will have a new name: Aliancys.
Aliancys logo

Aliancys has a 50 year track record of supplying composite resins of high quality consistency. Starting from comprehensive application and market knowledge, the company has been growing composites markets through focused innovation. Aliancys will continue to support its customers to increase long-term competitiveness, being a reliable and stable business partner truly committed to the Composites industry.

Aliancys has a clearly defined strategy built on its core business: selling Quality Resins, working closely together with its customers, creating mutual business success both today and tomorrow. This strategy is a logical continuation of our strategy in recent years, which helped to maintain a strong leadership position in composites markets. The Aliancys name, the focus on supplying Quality Resins, and the brand promise “LET’S TALK/™” are the expression of the company’s commitment for close collaboration with its customers.

The management team of DSM Composite Resins is continuing as the management team of Aliancys. While the company name changes, the products of Aliancys will continue to be offered under Atlac®, Beyone™, Daron®, Neoxil®, Palapreg®, Palatal®, and Synolite™ brand names. Starting mid-January 2016, the company will fully switch to the new Aliancys visual identity.

“With a great experience and track record in Composites, customers can rely on us for their business both today and tomorrow.” explains Bert Bakker, CEO of Aliancys. “So we look forward to building a healthy composites future together with our customers.”

“We believe that working as one team around the world creates great business opportunities,” adds Eric Gao, General Manager Aliancys China, “We apply our global expertise with local customers, and provide a consistent and reliable supply of Quality Resins to global customers.”

“Aliancys understands the business of its customers and works closely together in meeting the needs of OEMs and end-customers.” says Fons Harbers, Marketing & Sales Director EMEAI of Aliancys. “Besides providing low hassle and great service, we make Composite innovation work. This enables our customers to deliver the components they need, in the quantities they need.”

Aliancys - LET’S TALK™

Aliancys is a leading global company active in the sales of Quality Resins for composite applications. Together with its customers, Aliancys is pushing the limits of both composite part manufacturing and performance. Taking an integral approach to new product development, Aliancys is using its full expertise in resin chemistry, material science, and component manufacturing for shaping new applications in composites. So let’s talk and increase our mutual business success, both today and tomorrow.

The company’s headquarters are based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Aliancys is a joint venture of CVC Capital Partners and Royal DSM.

The Aliancys name, the Aliancys logo and the LET’S TALK/ logo are registered trademarks of Aliancys AG.