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DSM showcases solutions to support health and sustainability at International Cheese Technology Exposition

Delft, NL, 14 Mar 2016 12:00 CET

DSM, booth #719, International Cheese Technology Exposition, Wisconsin, U.S, 12-14 April 2016

DSM is to present its range of solutions at this year’s International Cheese Technology Exposition that enables cheese manufacturers to produce natural, healthier cheeses while improving efficiency and process sustainability. DSM will highlight its solutions for string cheese, provolone and cheddar, focusing on smaller portion sizes and reducing cheese waste.

Natural, healthier cheeses that improve efficiency and process sustainability

The specific combination of Delvo®Cheese CP-100 culture and Maxiren® XDS coagulant minimizes challenges in producing string cheese and adds supplementary benefits, such as optimized stretching and maintained texture over shelf-life. Creation of the desired texture makes it possible to meet the increased demand for reduced, and therefore healthier, portion sizes. Vitamin D and life’sDHA™, a vegetarian omega-3, can be added to address gaps in children’s nutritional needs.

DSM will also highlight its combination of cultures, coagulants and lipases to enable optimized cheddar and provolone production while improving flavor and quality. These solutions allow for easy and efficient shredding, dicing and slicing at any point during shelf-life.

Visitors will also be able to find more about DSM’s innovative cheese ripening solution, Pack-Age®, for hard and semi-hard cheeses, such as provolone. The moisture-permeable membrane ˗ an alternative to cheese coatings ˗ offers an effective ripening solution without any mold growth. A recent study shows that Pack-Age contributes to a more sustainable cheese production in which less cheese is wasted1.With DSM’s solution, no further preservatives are needed, simplifying labeling requirements.

At the booth, guests can sample a variety of prototypes, such as string cheese, provolone, cottage cheese and cheddar containing DSM’s products. Visitors are also invited to join the conference presentation by Marjorie Saubusse, Marketing Manager Cheese at DSM, on ‘How to innovate with string cheese’.

Marjorie Saubusse comments: “World cheese production is currently booming. Health-consciousness is an important driver for new product development and there is a tremendous opportunity for cheese producers to lead a healthy movement by providing the solutions that consumers want and need.”

She adds: “At DSM, our strong scientific knowledge with application expertise allow us to provide our worldwide customers with tailored innovative solutions. We help them to meet consumer demand, produce high-quality cheese and create a sustainable production process.”

DSM offers a broad portfolio of dairy solutions that enables better food for everyone, making existing diets healthier and sustainable. To respond to the current and future needs, DSM helps to create affordable and accessible foods that people can truly enjoy without compromise - all around the world.