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DSM named leader in Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

Heerlen, NL, 08 Sep 2016 08:00 CEST

Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials, has been named the worldwide leader in the Materials industry group in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index published today. DSM has consistently been recognized for integrating sustainability into its business, having been named among the global leaders in each of the last 13 years and holding the number one position in the sector seven times.
DSM named leader in Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

Feike Sijbesma, CEO and Chairman of the DSM Managing Board, commented: “We are very proud to again be named the global leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. For DSM, sustainability is more than a responsibility; it is our company’s core value and an important business driver. Business has an invaluable role to play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the COP21 climate deal. Our skills and competencies to address the global challenges allow DSM to make a real difference, creating brighter lives for people today and generations to come.

DSM has identified three key focus areas in sustainability where its core business competencies closely intersect with identified global societal trends that are affecting people, economies and markets, largely driven by demographic change: Nutrition; Climate Change; and Circular Economy and Bio-based. DSM is working closely together with cross-sector partners to further develop sustainable growth platforms in these areas.

Integrating sustainability with DSM’s core business activities has already shown to be a significant business driver. An increasingly important part of DSM’s portfolio is made up of its ECO+ and People+ products, which deliver environmental or social benefits versus competing mainstream products that fulfill the same function. These high-growth, higher margin products are collectively known as DSM’s Brighter Living Solutions and currently make up 61% of total sales. The company aims to increase this proportion to 65% by 2020.

Fortune Magazine recently included DSM in its 2016 ‘Change the World’ list of 50 companies worldwide that are making an important social or environmental impact through their profit-making strategy and operations.

Annex: Examples of DSM’s Brighter Living Solutions

DSM’s Brighter Living Solutions are profitable products and innovations that have a measurably better impact on planet (ECO+) and people (People+) than mainstream competitors.

A product life cycle approach is used to determine whether products and innovations are Brighter Living Solutions. This evaluates the product life cycle from raw material extraction, via production, manufacturing, transport and use, all the way to end of life and recycling. Environmental and social differentiators can be created in all stages of the product life cycle.

Recent examples of DSM’s Brighter Living Solutions include:

Maxilact® lactase enzyme for lactose-free, reduced-sugar dairy products (People+)

Maxilact® is a neutral lactase enzyme that helps produce lactose-free dairy products that taste great. Not only does Maxilact meet the needs of lactose intolerant customers worldwide; its natural sweetness enables dairy producers to achieve sugar reduction in all dairy products by up to 20%, boosting taste without adding calories.

Maxarome® all-natural taste enhancers for reduced-salt savory foods (People+)

Mineral salt helps to manage the fluid balance in your body. However, scientific research shows that too much sodium in the form of salt is bad for your heart health as it raises blood pressure. Part of DSM’s Salt Reduction Toolbox, Maxarome® is one of a range of all-natural savory taste enhancers derived from 100% natural yeast. Yeast extracts contain high-quality proteins that complement every recipe and because it is highly concentrated, only small quantities (less than 1% of the overall recipe) are required to enable food producers to achieve great taste while reducing salt.

Decovery® bio-based paint resins, water borne with low odor (ECO+ and People+)

With the unique Decovery® portfolio DSM aims to set a new standard in sustainable, VOC-free, low-odor, water-based decorative paints. Binders are common to all paint formulations and traditionally contain synthetic petroleum-based resins. DSM’s Decovery plant-based resins use renewable materials as sustainable building blocks for paint and coatings resins. Using an innovative process of converting renewable materials into a durable polymer, Decovery is also free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and because it has little odor, it offers improved working conditions for those manufacturing and when using the paint, for example in decorating the home.

In October 2015, the leading Dutch DIY retailer Praxis unveiled a reformulated version of its water-based ‘Perfection’ range of interior wall and ceiling paint based on Decovery branded ‘Perfection - Vernieuwde Formule met Decovery’.

Fully reusable carpets made with Niaga® technology (ECO+ and People+)

Niaga® technology makes it possible to reuse products again and again, so materials never go to waste and the materials loop can be fully closed. The first product for which the DSM-Niaga joint venture has designed materials and manufacturing technology is carpet. The production process uses less energy than traditional methods and the materials used can be recovered in an economically viable way and then be fully reused to make more carpets or other products such as automotive textiles. In the US alone, 85% of all discarded carpet currently ends up in landfill, making non-recyclable carpets one of the biggest single contributors to landfill waste.

Further information and additional examples in materials and nutrition are available on this website.