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DSM and Additive Manufacturing

Sittard, NL, 13 Nov 2017

DSM has been active in additive manufacturing for over 20 years. Our commitment remains the same today as it did back then - to bring new materials and polymer technologies to pioneering companies and academic institutes in this exciting field.

DSM and Additive Manufacturing

Following recent periods of consolidation and hype, additive manufacturing is quickly evolving from a prototyping technology on the fringes of manufacturing into a mainstream discipline, offering tangible value and economically viable benefits to large industrial companies and eventually through to end-users.

Mass customization and small volume production have become a reality and as the additive manufacturing sector evolves and scales to reflect new, disruptive business models and shifting customer behaviors, so do we.

Therefore, in November 2017 we established a new business in our Materials cluster to build on our existing strengths in SLA and DLP platforms through the Somos® business, renew focus on R&D and continuous innovation to develop a broader, sustainable solutions portfolio and allow us to assess future investment opportunities. Our innovation efforts - supported by technology partnerships and industry collaborations - are extended to develop new fused filament fabrication (FFF) products, as well as solutions for selective laser sintering (SLS), high speed sintering (HSS), Ink Jet and Binder Jet.

We have a long track record and in-depth understanding of end-customer needs in different market segments, which puts DSM in a unique position to provide solutions to end-users and help them move to manufacturing. The four focus market segments are transportation, healthcare, apparel and tools & electronics.

Having partnerships and collaboration as part of the ethos of the new organization allows us to surround our customers with an open and flexible infrastructure. Providing the right material and the right platform for specific customer applications, without locking them into a proprietary system, allows them to respond to market dynamics faster.

As the additive manufacturing industry continues to define the future of manufacturing we’re looking forward to the next 20 years.

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