Dyneema® crash protection

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Protecting the body where it matters most

Cycling offers proven health benefits. However, it also comes with certain risks - as more people take to their bikes for commuting or sport, the rate of injuries is rising. While helmets play a crucial role in preventing severe injury, many riders still suffer from cuts, scrapes and road rash to other parts of their body. In competitive cycling, even relatively minor injuries can impact performance and post-race recovery.



Bib shorts

Standard-issue protective clothing or padding can slow down and overheat the rider, compromising performance. So, drawing on their deep expertise in protective workwear, DSM’s innovators came up with a new solution: a lightweight, breathable protective fabric incorporating high-strength Dyneema® fibers. Over four years, protective fabric panels reinforced with Dyneema were used in the bib shorts worn by professional cycling team Team Sunweb, to protect the riders’ lower body in the event of crashes.


Based on the bib short's success, DSM’s innovators set themselves the new challenge of developing a lightweight baselayer worn underneath clothing to protect the torso and upper body. The specially designed layer was officially put into practice at the 2019 Tour de France.

With the use of cycle helmets increasing as a key safety feature worldwide, it is now time to start pushing the boundaries of overall body protection. The baselayer made with Dyneema is a perfect combination of comfort, performance and safety: now that’s what we call a victory!

Published 02 Sep 2019

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