Sponsorship requests Europe

Sponsorship Request Form

Thank you for contacting us. Before submitting your sponsorship application, please take note of the below information and requirements:

  • This form is for sponsor applications for the Europe region
  • Only applications that match our areas of interest and sponsorship criteria are eligible for sponsorship.
    • Areas of interest: sustainability; (bio) science/innovative solutions for health and nutrition; social engagement
    • Sponsorship criteria:
      • Contributes to a broad positioning of DSM
      • Contributes to DSM’s name recognition
      • Contributes to the innovative nature of DSM
      • Contributes to the general interest in scientific professions
      • Contributes to DSM’s labor market communications
    • We will not provide sponsorship for: commercial projects; loss financing; congresses; books; doctoral thesis or study trips

If you meet the above criteria, please provide the below requested information.

Send any attachments to sponsorship.europe@dsm.com

I read the DSM Privacy Statement. I understand that the data for the sponsor request can be processed in Quebec, Canada where different privacy regulations may apply than in the Netherlands and/or in the European Union. I hereby give my permission for having my data processed in Quebec, Canada.

Please click on the button below to submit your sponsorship application. Sponsorship requests are processed monthly. You will be notified by email.